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1. Moot

💡 Message To The Editors: Please do not send incorrect or grief on the wiki. This is for the Moot Wiki. If you have a question with a certain topic, contact a mod and they should be able to help you. 💡

Moot is an LFG & Gaming Discussion app made for gamers and players alike. If it is a popular game, you could find it on Moot.

Browse through all the game options that are available. Choose whatever is right for you. You can look for groups of people like you to play with, or you can post memes, questions, and more. Moot has a friendly, informative community.

2. Wikis

Game Wikis

*Fortnite battle Royal

*Save the world

Other Pages

3. Latest Moot Update

Coin Tipping & Lounge Home

You can now tip up to 200 coins to any post on Moot! How you can to that is the following:

  • Navigate to the post you want to Tip.
  • Tap the Moot Coin Icon to open the Tip Menu.
  • Select up to 200 Moot Coins for the Tip amount.
  • Send those Moot Coins!

Lounge Home is the new Landing Page~
This happened again, and now when you join a lounge it showcases the most popular activites on Moot.