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Apex Legends


Best Multiplayer Game of 2019 - The Game Awards-
Best Multiplayer Game - BAFTAS-
Best Shooter - IG
Best Multiplayer Game - The Golden Joysticks-
Best First Person Shootr - PC Gamer-

Moot Lounge: Apex Legends

Official Homepage: Apex Legends


Bangalore - Professional Soldier -Original Starter
Bloodhound - Technological Tracker -Original Starter
Caustic - Toxic Trapper -Original starter
Crypto - Surveillance Expert -Added in season 3
Gibraltar - Shielded Fortress -Original Starter
Lifeline - Combat Medic -Original Starter
Loba - High Society Thief -Added in season 5
Mirage - Holographic Trickster -Original Starter
Octane - The Adrenaline Junkie -Added in season 1
Pathfinder - Forward Scout -Original Starter
Revenant - Synthetic Nightmare -Added in Season 4
Wattson - Static Defender -Added in Season 2
Wraith - Interdimensional Skirmisher -Original Started
[Horizon - Gravitational Manipulator]-Added in Season 7


Season 6 Guide to the Energy Weapon Meta
Intermediate Guide to Positioning
5 High Traffic Locations to Drop (World’s Edge)
5 Great Low Traffic Locations to Drop (King’s Canyon)
5 High Traffic Locations to Drop (King’s Canyon)
5 Powerful Team Comps for Trios!
Best Ways to Practice in The Firing Range!
Intermediate Guide to Movement!
How to Defend Against Third-Partying


There are 6 types of weapons:
Assault Rifles, Pistol, Sub Machine Gun, Shotgun, Light Machine Gun, and Sniper.

Assault Rifles

R301 - Light ammo weapon, 15 damage per bullet with 18 bullet magazine (without attachments).

Hemlock Burst AR - Heavy ammo weapon, 23 damage per bullet with 18 bullet magazine (without attachments).

VK-47 Flatline - Heavy ammo weapon, 20 damage per bullet with 20 bullet magazine (without attachments).

Havoc AR - Energy ammo weapon, 18 damage per bullet with 28 bullet magazine (without attachments).

G7 scout - Light ammo weapon, 36 damage per bullet with 10 ammo magazine (without attachments).


Mozambique Shotgun - Quad barrel shotgun pistol, 15 damge per pellet 45 (15×4) total, One of the worst guns but is good with hammer point rounds.

Eva-8 Auto- Full auto shotgun, Magazine capacity- 8, 7 damage per pellet 63 (7×9) total, can be used with double tap trigger hop up.

Mastiff Shotgun - semi auto shotgun, 11 damage per pellet 104 (13×8) total,
Magazine Capacity 6.

Peacekeeper -lever-action shotgun, only available in care package as of now, 10 per pelletv110 (10×11) total, Magazine
capacity 5.


RE-45 Auto- Light ammo gun, Full-auto pistol, Magazine size 16 (without attachments), damage (body) 12.

P2020- Light ammo gun, Semi-auto pistol, Magazine size 10 (without attachments), damage (body) 15, Its as bad as the year 2020 but it can be modified with the Hammerpoint Rounds Hop-Up which gives the P2020 higher damage to unshielded opponents.

Wingman- High powered Revolver, Magazine size 5 (without attachments), Damage (body) 45 And thats a lot of damage.

Sub Machine Guns

R99- Rapid-fire automatic SMG, Magazine size 32(without attachments), Damage (body) 12,
Only avaible in Care Packages (S6)
"R99 here she's fast like me"- Octane

Prowler Burst PDW- 5-round burst SMG, Magazine size 20 (without attachments), Damage (body) 15 per bullet 75 (5x15) per burst, It fires in a 5-round burst-Up attachment, which enables the weapon to switch to fully automatic fire.

Alternator- Twin barrel full-auto SMG,
Magazine size 19 (without attachments), Damage (body) 15.

Volt SMG- Full-auto energy SMG
Magazine size 19 (without attachments), damage (body) 18

Light Machine Guns

L-Star EMG- Energy ammo gun, Plasma fueled EMG, Damage (body) 18, It has a unique overheating mechanic, which triggers "overheat" after 23 continuous shots but can otherwise be used as long as you have required ammo.

M600-spitfire- Heavy ammo gun, Full-auto LMG, Magazine size 35 (without attachments), Damage (body) 18.

Devotion LMG- As of now this is a care package exclusive weapon, Magazine capacity 54, Damage (body) 17.


Charge Rifle- Sniper ammo weapon, Directed energy beam rifle, Magazine size 4, Damage (body) 45.

Longbow DMR- Sniper ammo weapon, Slow fire-rate semi-auto, Magazine size 6 (no attachments), Damage (body) 55

Triple Take- Sniper ammo weapon, Triple-barrel sniper, Magazine size 5 (no attachments), Damage (body) 23 per projectile 69 (23×3) total

Sentinel- Sniper ammo weapon, Bolt-action sniper rifle, Magazine size 4 (no attachments), Damage 70, has a unique 'Disruptor' mechanic: 2 Shield Cells charge up the Sentinel, making its shots guaranteed to completely shatter enemies' shields. Charging takes 5 seconds and lasts 90 seconds, although each shot will shorten the timer by 15 seconds.

Kraber .50 cal- As of now it is a care package exclusive weapon, Powerful bolt-action sniper rifle, Magazine size 4, Damage (body) 145, Guaranteed kill if you land a headshot


Helmets Lv 1 - Lv 4

Helmets are a different type of armor in Apex Legends, they work completely differently from Body Shields. Instead of providing you with extra Health, having a Helmet equipped means you will take less damage from headshots by enemies.

90px-Common_Helmet_Item.png Level 1 Reduced headshot damage by 10%
90px-Rare_Helmet_Item.pngLevel 2 Reduced headshot damage by 20%
90px-Epic_Helmet_Item.pngLevel 3 Reduced headshot damage by 25%
90px-Legendary_Helmet_Item.png Level 4 Reduced headshot damage by 25% and increases charge speed of Tactical and Ultimate abilities.

Body Armor Lv 1 - Lv 5

Acts as extra health and is extremely useful in gunfights! Will show up above your health bar and these are rechargeable with Shield Cell's Shield Battery's, Phoenix Kits or Watson's Pylon's

110px-Common_BodyShield_Item.pngLevel 1 50 Shield Damage
110px-Rare_BodyShield_Item.png Level 2 75 Shield Damage
110px-Epic_BodyShield_Item.pngLevel 3 100 Shield Damage
110px-Legendary_BodyShield_Item.png Level 4 100 damage, Shield Cells and Syringes heal twice the normal amount.
images.pngEvo Shield Starts at 25 Shields, upgrades every 25 shields as you deal damage to enemies. Does not count with downed enemies.

Evo Shield Damage

Level 1
25 Shields (1 bar)
Damage required
50, equipped on launch from drop ship

Level 2
50 Shields (2 bars)
Damage required

Level 3
100 Shields (4 bars)
Damage required

Level 5
125 Shields (5 bars)
Damage required

Backpacks Lv 1 - Lv 4

Very useful early game for unlocking those inventory slots and carrying items like shield cell's, syringes, ammo, grenades, etc.

95px-Common_Backpack_Item.pngLevel 1 +2 inventory slots.
95px-Rare_Backpack_Item.pngLevel 2 +4 inventory slots.
95px-Epic_Backpack_Item.pngLevel 3 +6 inventory slots.
95px-Legendary_Backpack_Item.pngLevel 4 +6 inventory slots, Reviving a teammate gives them +50 bonus shields & health.

Knockdown Shields Lv 1 - Lv 4

Knockdown shields are unique in their own way, they are helpful when you get knocked by an enemy team and can avoid a certain amount of incoming damage. They are useful for not getting fully killed and still provide information like enemy position for your team.
Knockdown shields can't protect you entirely though, there is always the risk of an enemy player walking up to you or finishing you with an Execution/Finisher.

110px-Common_KnockdownShield_Item.pngLevel 1 100 Knockdown Shield health.
110px-Rare_KnockdownShield_Item.png Level 2 250 Knockdown Shield health.
110px-Epic_KnockdownShield_Item.pngLevel 3 750 Knockdown Shield health.
110px-Legendary_KnockdownShield_Item.pngLevel 4 750 Knockdown Shield health, player can self revive once only when knocked.


Attachments can be a big game changer when playing Apex. You can find them all over the map in different building's, loot crates, cargo bots or loot ticks. Attachments can increase your magazine capacity, steady your recoil, increase weapon stability when aiming down sights (ADS) and so much more! Most weapon attachments and magazines have rarity levels from Common to Epic, with each level providing better buffs than the last. There is 1 legendary attachment, and that is the Barrel Stabilizer. Other Legendary attachments come from Golden Weapons that can be aquired only from Care Packages or found rarely around the map, but you cannot remove any of those attachments for the Golden Weapons.


1x Holo | All guns

1x HCOG "Classic" | All guns

1x-2x Variable Holo | All guns | Variable zoom

2x HCOG "Bruiser" | All guns

6x Scope | Sniper Rifles

3x HCOG | Sniper Rifles, LMGs, ARs

2x Variable AOG | Sniper Rifles, LMGs, ARs | Variable zoom

4x-8x Variable Scope | Sniper Rifles | Variable zoom

1x Digital Threat | Shotguns, SMGs, Pistols | Threat Red

4x-10x Digital Threat Scope | Snipers | Variable zoom |
Threat Red highlighting

Hop-Up Attachments

Double Tap Trigger | Makes weapons fire two quick shots
with a single trigger press. | EVA-8 Auto, G7 Scout

Hammerpoint Rounds | Increases unshielded damage. |
Mozambique Shotgun, P2020

Precision Choke | Reduces weapon spread. | Triple Take

Selectfire Receiver Unlocks additional fire modes. Havoc Rifle, Prowler Burst PDW

Skullpiercer | Increases headshot damage. | Longbow DMR, Wingman

Weapon Attachments

Standard Stock: (All Assault Rifles, SMG's, and LMGs.)

Common: Improves handling and reduces aim drift.
(Raising/lowering weapon is 15% faster)
Rare: Quicker handling and moderate aim drift reduction.
(Raising/lowering weapon is 25% faster)
Epic: Fast handling and large aim drift reduction.
(Raising/lowering weapon is 35% faster)

Sniper Stock: (All Sniper Rifles)

Common: Improves handling and reduces aim drift.
(Raising/lowering weapon is 15% faster)
Rare: Quicker handling and moderate aim drift reduction.
(Raising/lowering weapon is 25% faster)
Epic: Fast handling and large aim drift reduction.
(Raising/lowering weapon is 35% faster)

Barrel Stabilizer: (Alternator, G7 Scout, Hemlock, Longbow, Spitfire, R-301, R-99, RE-45, Volt SMG)

Common: 10% Recoil reduction
Rare: 15% Recoil reduction
Epic: 20% Recoil reduction
Legendary: 20% Recoil reduction | Reduced visual
muzzle flash.

Shotgun Bolt: (All Shotguns)

Common: Increases fire rate by 10% for Mozambique
Shotgun & EVA-8 Auto and by 7.5% for Mastiff
Rare: Increases fire rate by 20% for Mozambique Shotgun & EVA-8 Auto and by 13% for Mastiff
Epic: Increases fire rate by 25% for Mozambique Shotgun & EVA-8 Auto and by 16% for Mastiff

Battle Pass

Tier progression system that allows players to get unique rewards for a price of 950 Apex Coins! (which is about $10)
Players can further their battle pass levels by playing matches or doing challenges.


Kings Canyon
World's Edge

Each map is available for 60, 90, or 120 minutes. Once the time is up, it switches to the other map.

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Here’s a full list of the start and end dates for each of the previous seasons and there Themes:

Season 1: March 19, 2019 - June 18, 2019
(Theme: Wild Frontier)
Season 2: July 2, 2019 - October 1, 2019
(Theme: Battle Charge)
Season 3: October 1, 2019 - February 3, 2020
(Theme: Meltdown)
Season 4: February 4, 2020 - May 12, 2020
(Theme: Assimilation)
Season 5: May 12, 2020 - August 17th, 2020
Season 6: August 18th, 2020- ???
(Theme: Fortune Favor)

Typically, Apex seasons last around 3 months and Season 6 was released on August 18th.

Each Season adds a new legend to the Game.

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