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*~~~~*# Animal Crossing


Hello Animal Crossing: New Horizons fans!
Introducing the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Moot Wiki!

Here you will learn how to manage your island, earn Nook Miles, discover fish & bugs information, and even special NPC content!

Right now only select members of the community can edit this Wiki but soon YOU will be able to edit the Wiki as well!

More info coming soon!

Moot "Animal Crossing" Lounge has many Chats, Posts and LFG!

  1. Manage Island
    Check the Villagers & Furniture list!

  2. Nook Miles
    Check this Wiki before you depart on the Mystery Island Tour! We have various islands listed.

  3. Critterpedia
    We have information about all fish & bugs in ACNH. Name, price, location, shadow size, date, and time!

  4. Painting & Statue
    We have information about all Painting & Statue's real and fake, and what's the difference!

  5. Special NPC
    Visit this Wiki to check special NPC in ACNH!

You can test here and here is help page.

  1. Time travelling is the act of changing your Nintendo Switch time settings to gain an edge over another player in the game. This will, in most cases, assign a ban under your name. So although has some perks, it also has cons as well.

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