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The Community

Okay not gonna lie this community is small but We are dedicated to Lucid Adventure and supportive

I have seen some people say this game is dead but it’s a new game and we don’t have a official discord for this game ( I think we don’t. If we got a official discord for this game I want in)

In time this game is probably gonna get bigger and probably have those times where there’s no updates for awhile and the app dies but when that update happens you know the dedicated ones will show up from the shadows and support it

I hope they kinda take it slow not to slow but slow enough where we don’t run out of things to do

-Hope for big updates-
So I wouldn’t mind if we skip little updates and they just make one big update once a month but don’t do it often I still like the little updates we get

Btw idk if they can do this but maybe make a link or something to the game on the webtoon Bc they didn’t say anything about teaming up and making a game and I think there are people that don’t even know about this game

But hope you enjoyed this post
Sorry about it being long

:Edit: huh so the community isn’t small it’s actually pretty big they just are really good at hiding

Let me just put this here at the end
:Guild: Godz
Sorry gotta support my guild

The Community +3
Lucid Adventure Mar 11, 2020, 09:21 PM
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Characters for the future maybe?

Just an idea for characters for the future of this game


-Sad Smile-
So this character I’m hoping is gonna get added Bc tbh I really think he would shut down evasion teams his Personal Attribute is “AN UNFAIR BARGAIN” if you don’t know what this does you gotta go read up on it, I can see it basically lowering evasion for the enemy team in game

Tbh kinda gonna be excited if this guy gets added I think they gotta wait awhile before adding him Bc we really haven’t seen everything about him yet

Huh tbh if he does get added as a character he’s basically Dark but Stronger BUT I can see him as a Raid Boss

Wouldn’t it be cool to have nightmare versions of some characters make them a little bit stronger then the original or have a third Skill rather then two or a extra ability were if you have a full team of nightmares your stats go up in battle but make it super rare to get them even more rare then A+ idk how you would get them maybe a rare banner or a special ticket

But that’s basically it for this post but I hope they do add more characters in the future and maybe different versions of the characters Bc we have two types of HardCore leveling warrior, Sora and Dark, it would be pretty cool to have some other versions of characters tho

Characters for the future maybe? +3
Lucid Adventure Mar 10, 2020, 08:30 PM
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[ No-Name Set]


No-Name can be used as a Tank but mostly used as a Dealer

Not gonna lie she OP if you have a good team with her

Charge Slash
This isn’t really that special tbh it’s decent but nothing to talk about

Explorer’s Cannons
This is a really good attack I would say probably Top 5 maybe Top 10 it’s good Bc it makes her evasion go up 40% for 4 seconds and does 126% damage

So her A and A+ Abilities are okay nothing to talk about

Now her S and SS Abilities are really OP in my opinion. Are you looking at that S ability? Just make her crit high And if she keeps getting crits her evasion is always gonna be at 15% up this is why I said she can be a tank
So her SS ability is good for the whole team and tbh my future team of this game is gonna be a Evasion team Bc umm a little spoiler Master SM just got released in the Japanese version and i heard he has some evasion stuff even tho he’s a dealer I’m probably not gonna have a tank BUT about the ability it pretty good tbh the team damage goes up 9% for 5 seconds

God damn if you got her awakened you a god, now Explorer’s Cannons is gonna be doing 169% damage AND you decrease enemy’s damage rate and accuracy by 7% you know who can dodge a wrench No-Name

Try to get items with Crit and evasion and damage that’s probably the best for you and maybe attack speed
Try to get the Bonus Destiny 3 would be good Bc it brings up your attack speed by 15% but if you can get Destiny 5 you’ll be even better

-Team to run with- (when SS Awakened)

(Sora/No-Name/Dark/Sua Han) you could replace Dark with Bibi Tbh but Darks good with lowering defenses and attack and probably replace Sua Han with Lime but idk evasions from Sua Han isn’t something you can replace with a evasion team

(Master Sm/No-Name/Bibi/Sua Han) Okay I know Master SM isn’t out yet but in the Japanese version this team is number one right now in Ranked and the only one I seen in the top 10 But if Master SM doesn’t cut it then replace him with Sora

(Master Sm/No-Name/Constant/Sua Han) I would say this is the best evasion team

•••Hope you all enjoyed this, it’s interesting making these I’ll probably get more detailed about making these posts while time passes•••

[ No-Name Set] +5
Lucid Adventure Mar 10, 2020, 01:50 PM
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Helping The Community I Think

I see a lot of people complaining about the trash rates to get A+ character’s but this post is a little bit of everything to help

Okay so this is uhh yeah you right it is trash only 1% up at least make it 2% up so we get a 4% chance but let’s get back to the post

Okay so this event is probably gonna come back every time in my opinion

Some people aren’t rich or don’t wanna spend to much money on this game but I only really recommend one maybe two depending on if you wanna buy it

So for me this is a steal it’s under 10$ and you get 10 Hire Tickets and 1000 diamonds

Okay sorry for the little flex but this package is a little under 50$ yeah a little expensive tbh this isn’t really needed to buy but you do get 1 A+ Ticket, 5000 Diamonds and 150 Promote Stones not bad but a little expensive this is really if you want that A+ tbh

So just a heads up save your diamonds for the adventure and like the Mat dungeon and rank stuff like that Don’t use your diamonds on buying summons and remember to save ALL your Hire Tickets even the A+
Bc when A+ event comes around use them then

This is really a grab too anytime it’s once a day and you get 3 Hire Tickets and a little bit of other things

Tbh I think the Premium Pass is needed you get a good chunk of things and plus the daily quest are free so Ig this isn’t needed but I recommend it

Daily Quests are really easy and free so always do them

So the Premium is really good tbh you get a Extra 800 diamonds, 3 Hire Tickets, and 2 God Scrolls and a couple of other things

So the Dungeon, Garden and the Raid are gonna help you get things without spending IRL money so always do them

So this is the good stuff the Arena AKA pvp always do this even if you don’t win you still get Honor Coins

Top to Bottom


You’ll be able to win stuff every week basically so from my knowledge every week every one is gonna get stronger so their gonna be really up in the Ranks but so far at the end of every week I’m usually around Emerald 4 or 3 so I get a decent amount of stuff and I don’t even have a SS Awaken yet, I’ll show you the team I use it’s probably gonna change in the future so yeah

It’s my Attack and Defense Team

But that’s basically it for now and remember to save your Hire Tickets for A+ Events and save your diamonds for Adventures and Challenges, I hope this saves you money and helps you with getting A+ characters

Helping The Community I Think +18
Lucid Adventure Mar 9, 2020, 03:11 AM
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[Sora Set]

Haven’t seen anyone do this sooo Ig I’ll make one for fun this is my opinion and a little bit of guessing

This is more for people who don’t really understand ranked so yeeee


Sora will be the tank of the party her ability and skills are pretty good

Double Edge
It’s a pretty strong attack
That Plus 1% of max hp might not be big but you gotta think if you run items with Hp And Reduce damage Double Edge is gonna be deadly

Ego Sword - Chew Up
This is why I said run items with Hp and reduce damage if you can get items with the Set Bonus Bless you’ll be the biggest whale ever

Tbh her A and A+ Skills aren’t bad tbh they just make her a big whale

So this is the good stuff her S and SS skills
If you run her with a Blue Element team you’re gonna be set for damage you just gotta hope you run a good blue dealer And that SS ability is just making her survive longer

God if you can awaken I’m happy for you because you’ll probably be in the Top 100 Rank or Top 200
But Taster will probably keep your team alive if you’re running a Blue element team

So I recommend items with Hp and reduce damage with the Bonus being Bless 3 at least but Bless 5 would just make her a bigger whale

[Sora Set] +5
Lucid Adventure Mar 8, 2020, 06:38 PM
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