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Female | Taken | Lesbian |

* Makes daily questions, gives coins from time to time.
* Reaching for a goal of 100 followers.
* Loves to chat! <3
* Digital artist, gamer, and animal lover.

Favorite games: Destiny, Pokemon, Legend of Zelda

Favorite Anime: HunterxHunter, Soul Eater, Black Butler, One Punch

Feel free to chat with me, I'm not gonna bite! Just note I'm gonna block you if you're gonna ask for me to date you or something stupid like that, this isn't a dating app. xD

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  • Joined Moot February 6, 2020

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  • https://moot.us/@moekai


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  • Moe Kai Moe Kai
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  • etc https://toyhou.se/Moe-Kai