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AY...follow my boy http://moot.us/@kehnys ...mans deserves 5× what I have no 🧢

Sometimes life's a mess.

Writing my bio while I'm tired cuz...ye

I'm just a dumbass 14 year old with a controller

Am single and will be single I don't even know why tf I'm typing this but I'm just gonna go with it

Y e s...yes I'm a fucking g u y...I don't like when yall mfs ask what gender I am

If you're fuckin annoying or just get on my nerves you're simply blocked

Not afraid to talk my shit, I don't put up with any bullshit...idc who tf I'm talkin to...I'll still be the same fuckin guy

Honestly just have like...5 friends...I prefer not to have much friends honestly bieng lonelys pretty cool but it does just make ya a lil sad sometimes

Every day ya die a little bit...fall down but I don't got anyone to pick me up...trapped in my mind and I'm stuck in the mood

And thanks...thanks for makin me feel normal for a day...love yall...stay safe💕

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