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26mil+ WB Damage (advice for others)

At the start of the event, my peak damage was around 18.2-4 mil.
I figured that this WB would be really difficult to get the 20mil reward, but since then some people figured things out, so I figured I'd post here (maybe moot too) to help others try to get the 20mil goal if people are aiming for that (or just 10mil maybe).
The two biggest changes I made to improve my peak damage was swapping in Luin and Thetis.
I and a few others started experimenting with Luin and finding good success. I went from 18mil peak to around 23mil peak.
Afterwards I made a swap to include Thetis too. Doggie can explain more on the Thetis change, since I learned about her via his use of her. I was worried/skeptical of her debuff blast hurting damage, but ultimately my first run RNG was really good to me. In doing so, I was able to hit 13mil damage at 2:30 time mark, and finished with the posted screenshot damage (so peak damage increase of around 3.5mil).
Unfortunately my Thetis is only +5, but I honestly don't think I'll get a peak damage as high as this in the future (even my fever damage RNG was really good, and 1.3mil alone).
I've used Luin before in PVP for fun (one of the only people I think), so I luckily had a maxed one ready to use (Thetis I had to max now, but I was okay with it to test this given Doggie posted good results with her).
For those wondering how two childs made such a big impact. This WB is different from previous WB we've had, attached are pictures showing different WB boss buffs:
Old WBs
Current WBs
With the introduction to Navi this WB, the enemy WB does not have immunity to Time-Based Debuffs (I know, because I tested Luin in the past when debuff WB became the meta over fever damage). Hopefully going forward this trend stays the same, if so Navi/Luin/Thetis might become staples in future WB. Now if they change it so future WB are immune, then investing in Luin/Thetis might not be worth it.
So for anything wanting to test more stuff and push their peak damage for rewards, try out one or both of these childs and test runs to see how it goes. Investing in them is costly, as they might not have much use in the future (or maybe they will become staples). Either way, if you happen to have them and want to test them out, give it a shot.
Also here is my team and damage from the run (siren isn't top attacker, idk what happened there buff wise).
Damage Breakdown
Damage at 2:30
Fever Damage
For those wondering:
1. No I don't have any of the new SCs, I have one old Wood WB SC maxed (non-prism) on Daphnis, rest are just strong ATK SCs or Power of Smile for my attackers.
2. No I don't have OP option rolls, game hates me with RNG on options, I literally only have one S-option and it's on a child's weapon not even used in this WB team.
3. My thetis didn't do a lot of damage even with poison (not sure if it was up 100% of the time), and ended up only doing about 426k damage herself (I also ran no poison SC, not worth the risk to make her even less tanky on the front line).

26mil+ WB Damage (advice for others) +6
DESTINY CHILD Jul 17, 2020, 12:55 AM
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Prism Soul Carta Ticket Rates Bugged!

So I used a few Prism Soul Carta Tickets this morning when the servers came up in hopes to get the new 5-star Moment of Respite Soul Carta (ideal for current Ragna boss). It wasn't until AFTER I used the tickets that I went to check the rate...
As you can see in the attached images, the Prism Soul Carta Tickets were NOT updated to include the new Soul Carta.
You can tell this is a bug, because the Regular Soul Carta Ticket rates were updated (see second image attached).
Can this bug be fixed, and can I (and any others) who used their tickets be refunded out tickets?

Prism Soul Carta Ticket Rates Bugged! +1
DESTINY CHILD Feb 28, 2020, 01:01 AM
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