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Guild War / Guild battle

I don't know if devs read this. Probably they read it.

I want to talk about guild war, probably most already know about it.
But since it's global server some guild hard to find a match, because the different time zone.
So instead try to matching guild war with the other guild which also try to matching. Which need high authority to start it.

Why not just let the game system automatically make a guild had a match with similar guild war/ guild battle rank and base on average guild power?
The guild war will stay open for 2 days, so that mean 3 times a week. And will had 1 day close for calculating.
3 times a week still better rather none.

The reason why need 2 days so every members can participate. Since some guild had mix members from a cross the globe.
Also when the guild war start u can put and icon on game main lobby to notify the members that guild war/battle start.
Of course u will need to readjust the guild war/battle rewards for the winner and the loses guild

I know some user probably doesn't agree. If they had better suggestions feel free to leave a comment below.
So the game will get better and better.

I wish this method will help improve the game for guild war.
Have a nice day

*This method also had been used by other games. Which improve the game. Since all game content can be play without any delay.

Ceres M Jan 13, 2020, 02:45 PM
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Need more waifu

As title said, need more waifu. A lot of it. XD

Ceres M Dec 11, 2019, 02:17 AM
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Vamp and Cassandra

I wish there will be Vamp & Cassandra summon event :D

Ceres M Dec 9, 2019, 04:13 PM
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