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Lack of Onyx starting to be really concerning

Hey Guys !
That's not in my usual behaviour to cry about something in a game.
And i'm most of the time really happy with how F2P Friendly is Destiny Child about everything.
Except One BIG thing.
In every gacha, your most precious currency is the one that let you summon, because summoning is cool and we are playing gacha for that.
But not in Destiny Child.
In Destiny Child, your most precious thing is Onyx, because without it, who cares that you have most of the characters +6, you can't play them without spending almost 1M Onyx in Awakening/Skills Leveling... and add 700K to that if you dare to fully ignite it.
I play this game since the global release, and i'm starting to feel really unconfortable about having to manage my Onyx all the time.
Having to question yourself as if it was to buy a fucking house IRL about weither or not you should (can?) invest resources in your brand new character is NOT fun and reflect a really questionnable choice in game design.
The game keeps on asking you more and more Onyx with the Ignition system, but you don't have new option to get Onyx to compensate this. The dailies are a joke in this domain.
You could easly give 3 times the amount of Onyx in those quest that we would still be in drough.
Yesterday, i spent120K Crystals to +6 Lupin (100% F2P Resources don't burn me) and even with those 500~ characters 3 or 4 stars to put in the blender, i ended up Onyxless after maxing her, without having the opportunity to ignite a character (i have all the core needed)... and i was at something like 400/500K Onyx BEFORE my summons...
The thing that triggered me is the Davi Mini Bread event... I was like "nah, this can't be only obtainable via buying things, that's not how they handle things usually".
Come on guys, is this the turn that you are taking ?
Is this the end of the F2P friendly spirit ?
Because if it is, then i guess it will soon be the end of the ride for me...
Thanks for taking the time to read the wall of text.
TLDR : We need more Onyx.

DESTINY CHILD Jun 4, 2021, 06:28 PM
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[Mute][bqpenbdkllaq] One year already ?!

Happy 1st anniversary for the best gacha game available !

[Mute][bqpenbdkllaq] One year already ?!
DESTINY CHILD Dec 3, 2019, 09:37 PM
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