Level 25
35K/42K 359 121

Best mid teir gamer ever So check my YouTube!

People repost my memes all the time 😔

8.5k kills total
2.5M Damage
540 Lifetime wins
1K+ kills on 3 characters
3K damage badge Pathfinder
2.5K damage badge on 6 characters
Plat 4

I dont play everyday but when i do i go off.

Main:Pathfinder (200+ wins)
Secondaries: Lifeline, Octane, Bangalore, Gibby, Wraith (in that order)

Sign up date

  • Joined Moot November 3, 2019

My Moot URL

  • https://moot.us/@LuvLockDwn


  • Kanye Jr. Kanye Jr.
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  • Luvlockdwn Luvlockdwn Stats

Game Accounts

  • LuvLockDwn LuvLockDwn
  • Insxmniak Insxmniak

Other Accounts

  • etc linktr.ee/luvlockdwns