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Some Buffs for weaker mobiles to make them more playable and help balance the game.

-Increase HP by 15 = to icestorm and ice
-fix bug where weapon 2 sky shots dig too deep that the area of explosion is far below player and player doesn’t get dug inside. [ I'll upload a picture to understand ]

-Reduces stages of damage increase from (4 stages to 3 stages)
-increase last stage damage by 20% so it’s really punishing if people ignore wolf. (Because most wolfs I’ve faced don’t even get the chance to reach stage 4 specially with SS shot they die before reaching stages to do good damage). Since Malite Weapon 2 and Raygun Weapon 2 hit same or harder than the current Wolf final stage 4 Weapon 1 and 2 attack currently. So need to make it that when wolf reaches stage 4 or 3 (if you reduce it to 3 stages) it needs to feel rewarding and make him hit the hardest weapon attack in the game to make it feel rewarding after waiting several rounds to hit with damage buff

-Increase Overall damage by 5%. (since Aduka feels weak and is only viable when in a team with adum where Thor level increases fast. Without adum Aduka’s damage is very low below average and very hard to depend on Thor since its hard to level it alone.

-Weapon 2 launches instead of one small mine bomb. It launches 3 mines bombs that chases target nearby and if its very far away the mines sleep and doesn’t activate until a mobile gets close to it ( just like Gunbound pc Raon Weapon 2) I think it makes the game have more strategies and a new feel to raon. People can’t move as much as they like when mines that are not activated is around! Seems like fun and it differentiates it from Dark Raon and we will actually see more Raons in player vs player l.

Dark Raon:
-Increase Weapon 1 damage by 15% (since its one of the lowest damaging shots in the game and makes Dark Raon needs Weapon 1 to depend on since Weapon 2 is hard to land and very situational)
-Increase Weapon 1 explosion range by 3% (to somehow help landing weapon 2) since its very hard to land it sometimes

Player ID: 9202-3644

Some Buffs for weaker mobiles to make them more playable and help balance the game.
GunboundM Mar 19, 2020, 03:43 AM
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4th biggest ranked player in the world cheating 'Ironfist'

This player is joining Royal Battle with two different accounts. Cheating to intentionally beat everyone as he plays two mobiles in the battle royal. In this video he's playing armor mobile and trico. When he secured is win he dropped himself from armor and killed the last remaining enemy. This guy has been getting as top as 4th highest player in the world by cheating using this method to beat everyone in battle royal. This is not the first time I meet him he has always been doing this but I've had enough of him and started recording to expose him.

4th biggest ranked player in the world cheating 'Ironfist' +1
GunboundM Dec 22, 2019, 11:41 PM
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players that ruin the game!

Hi Tami. Please establish a new system where players who leave the game before it starts have a harsher punishment. The new go reduction punishment isn't enough. It's ruining the game how players consistently leave games vs good players to maintain a high win rate and only fight low levels to destroy them. For example if they leave 2 games in one day punish them by locking them from joining competitive matches for an hour or two. That will stop them from leaving matches.

GunboundM Oct 31, 2019, 04:31 PM
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