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Yeah they shouldn't make wolf weapon 1 track. Your idea is actually nice!

UPDATE 2020-03-23 13
GunboundM Mar 19, 2020, 02:25 PM
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Tami. Please don’t do this to risky shots. When you added the item that lowers SS charge I understood that but now even lowering the risky shot bonus SS charge will ruin the game. The game is formed where when we shoot hard shots such as super sky or risky shots we get rewarded. Now you’re reducing these rewards. Players will now get rewarded for instead shooting safer and easier shots to get the win rather than shoot harder shots and maybe will miss some shots to only lose at the end. You are making this game easier and easier for players and that’s not nice. Please revert this change before the update comes.
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UPDATE 2020-03-23 13
GunboundM Mar 19, 2020, 01:47 AM
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Tami. I'm sure most people who use IOS don't use the Game Center. Please remove it and use the Google option instead just like android users have.since it's WAY more popular. I'm sure everyone will love and appreciate that move. . Android users can upload higher quality profile pictures because of google option too since Facebook hinders and lowers quality of profile pictures. Please tami it will be much appreciated!

UPDATE 2020-02-24 8
GunboundM Feb 24, 2020, 06:52 AM
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They only made it 2x reduction of GP. Players srsly don't care about that as long as they keep beating beginners. We need something harsher because they are all still leaving games

UPDATE 2019-11-13 16
GunboundM Oct 31, 2019, 05:29 PM
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Hi Tami. Please establish a new system where players who leave the game before it starts have a harsher punishment. The new go reduction punishment isn't enough. It's ruining the game how players consistently leave games vs good players to maintain a high win rate and only fight low levels to destroy them. For example if they leave 2 games in one day punish them by locking them from joining competitive matches for an hour or two. That will stop them from leaving matches.

UPDATE 2019-11-13 16
GunboundM Oct 31, 2019, 04:24 PM
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