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RisK Gaming Community is recruiting new and talented players. We play multiple games but are trying to grow in Call of Duty, Apex, and Battlefield!

We also run a new and growing teamfinding discord!

⭐ Must have a mic
⭐ Be 16+
⭐ Must have/download discord
⭐ Being able to work as a team is a must

We are looking for the following:

⭐ Fraggers
⭐ Support Players
⭐ Emblem/Intro creators
⭐ Streamer
⭐ Discord Moderators

If interested pm me you're stats on here, psn, or add me on discord! My discord is @RisK_Amplify#4757

Sign up date

  • Joined Moot October 7, 2019

My Moot URL

  • https://moot.us/@The_Berkenator


  • RisKAmplify#3249003 RisKAmplify#3249003
  • RisK_AmplifyTTV RisK_AmplifyTTV Stats
  • RisK_AmplifyTTV RisK_AmplifyTTV Stats

Streaming Accounts

Game Accounts

  • RisK_AmplifyTTV RisK_AmplifyTTV
  • jberkey5 jberkey5

Other Accounts

  • etc https://twitter.com/RisK_AmplifyTTV?s=09
  • etc https://discord.gg/ZnGzxWw