Level 7
1,397/1,500 7,818 11

1. Auto repeat being removed will give even less of a reason to buy any monthly packs such as All-In-One pack. The game is already lacking in number of whales, and hitting them with a nerf and buffing such a drastic point for F2P players will drive the game to shutdown due to lack of paying players.

2. Collaboration servants are meant to be limited time. It is already fairly easy to get a single copy of each collab servant (for RGB at least) as a F2P, and you can build them up from there. People who whaled and spent money to get them before the event ended will quickly be pissed and likely quit because it devalues the money they spent to get those collab servants in the first place. Also, this has been brought up many times before in the official discord suggestions channel, and has been rejected every single time.

3. Decompose is probably one of the most OP features of this game, behind bond tickets and fuse. It allows one to gain half the materials back invested into a unit, but the catch is the materials can be used on ANY unit of your choice. In essence, it is a select summon. Keep in mind the craftable select summon in the craft section forces you to craft away 8 nat5s to get a single select nat5. Decompose on the other hand allows you to craft the equivalent of a select summon with the only 2 nat5s, a four-fold efficiency bonus. It is FAR from useless, and in fact one of the most desired and used features of the game. The value of switching a servant from one to another is HUGE. Having it be available for free is just broken and not feasible. Imagine investing into a T10 unit. The moment an OP collab servant comes out, all you have to do is decompose the old servant, summon a SINGLE copy of the new collab servant (which is like super cheap) and get them to max trans. There is literally no point in paying and the game will die very fast.

Dev Note #143: 5.3 Update Preview 2
HEIR OF LIGHT Jan 6, 2021, 06:04 AM
1 1

Seems like it is confirmed the devs have the internet explorer browser LOL. We asked for L heylel snipes BEFORE demian and teresia were released. Now that both are out, they both perfectly counter light heylel and we no longer need a L heylel nerf. Somehow demian gets a huge nerf as well, the literal only counter to the new teresia who makes L heylel look like garbage. Looks like the cycle begins again... can't wait for teresia to get nerfed/sniped and the next broken unit gets released for players to spend their money on...
Good thing I am mostly F2P and don't have to regret spending money

Dev Note #130: 4.6 Update Preview 13
HEIR OF LIGHT Aug 14, 2020, 11:15 AM
0 2

Technically they are shards, so you shouldnt be losing them from decomposition and rather it just stays in your shard inventory im pretty sure

[Notice] 4.4 Update Preview 10
HEIR OF LIGHT Jun 18, 2020, 11:19 AM
0 5

This will get fixed soon in the next update or the one after (known bug by devs). If you get 12 potential change stones though you will be able to use it (at no cost) because currently game checks the pot change stone requirement but does not decrease it after each use for the bonded servant

[Notice] 4.3.5 Patch Note 4
HEIR OF LIGHT Jun 13, 2020, 11:05 AM
0 2

Ohh I forgot about hopkins, yeah he would be good there. Water heylel for omen is.... hard to do unless you have her at least T7 or T8. She's a support, and omen targets support on one of her skills so heylel will die easily sadly, better to replace with healer imo

F13-15 Omen and Heide Guide 2
HEIR OF LIGHT May 2, 2020, 12:34 PM
0 1

Honestly, unsure. But ignore def really won't be affected that much I guess because ignore def resist is almost never effective at stopping ignore def (in a significant way) due to ignore def acc pots. And also, AOE units are actually... buffed? Because normally people would run full 85% AOE dmg reduction, and now it is only 50%. Unless you rework your potentials to get full 200% CD reduction this seems to be a buff to AOE in this mode. Idk, obviously this is still in testing phases so I guess we can complain all we want after testing it ourselves xD

[Notice] 4.2 Update Preview 7
HEIR OF LIGHT Apr 18, 2020, 01:39 PM
1 0

Seems like it is balanced because AOE dmg reduction potentials are not going to be a thing in gvg. So instead they give us all 50% reduction off the bat

[Notice] 4.2 Update Preview 7
HEIR OF LIGHT Apr 18, 2020, 07:33 AM
1 3

1. Yes
2. Increased dmg in world raid for your DPS, overheal shield pot on healers. Otherwise normal pots are fine.
3. Team should include: Def break support on combo skill, full cleanser (maybe even more than 1), buff stripper, atk break or shield if your tanks are lacking
4. Def based tanks are best here, check base stats in collection to figure which are def based. You WANT a mark conflict in
each of your teams. This allows less combos to be used and possibly allows your supports to put up shields/def up, cleanse or etc. Wind on most is also recommended. Best tank setup if you use it only for party raid is wind iron iron, full def. Other servants are typical builds.

Im assuming you already know about which recommended dps to bring

Party Raid Questions 4
HEIR OF LIGHT Apr 12, 2020, 10:41 AM
0 3

It's likely the wrong image. From my summoning session as well as some data collected from other people, the previous image from dev note is correct for LD summons... unless we were all lucky last night.

4.1.5 Update Patch Note 4
HEIR OF LIGHT Apr 8, 2020, 02:37 AM
0 1

:O F2P comeback of HoL? 150 repeats F2P, PG valor reduction, almost double summon rate across the board? Maybe now people will stop complaining!

Dev Note #110: Future Update Notice 16
HEIR OF LIGHT Mar 27, 2020, 10:53 AM
4 0

Yes please! Valor was scarce even during x2 valor refill, and now that it is even more limited this is needed even more... otherwise we will have literally a whopping 0 karats to use on any type of summon

Valor for Gold 5
HEIR OF LIGHT Mar 24, 2020, 11:53 AM
0 0

This is huge progress compared to initial update. LD collabs are no longer paywalled by montly expensive AiO pack and farming for LDs is more viable compared to before. In addition lowered EXP costs were desperately needed, thank you for that.

Dev Note #108: 4.1 Update Preview #1 - Servant & Transcendence Balance 4
HEIR OF LIGHT Mar 14, 2020, 11:01 AM
2 0

This has been brought to Leo's attention in discord. He has said that he knows it is very high currently, however it is because when GvG comes in april, you will get a large influx of guild points. As a result he keeps the price artificially high for now in order to prevent making it more expensive later as part of balancing

Universal Shards from Guild Shop 7
HEIR OF LIGHT Mar 14, 2020, 10:58 AM
2 2

Rem has an AOE that should (in-theory) hit all enemy melee units assuming the tank is the target and their melee units are nearby. I believe she actually has the biggest melee AOE range of any unit. The reason you might think ignis is better is because she has line-AOE, and more likely than not you also hit some ranged unit alongside melee units. However, there are also occasions where you miss melee units due to orientation with ignis. Overall, in terms of general AOE, ignis is better because she has capability to hit more (melee and ranged) but rem has a more consistent melee AOE effect. Mildred on the other hand is pretty much guaranteed to hit all ranged units if she is locked onto tank.

Rem AOE range too small? 3
HEIR OF LIGHT Feb 26, 2020, 04:08 PM
0 0

BIG YIKES... 15k exp to T9 to T10 RGB nat5. I had some hope for the update, but holy crap even I have no words. They better get working on some rewards revamp or else people will get bored real quick due to the sheer amount of effort needed to even T10 a single servant.

[Notice] 4.0 Update Patch Note 9
HEIR OF LIGHT Feb 26, 2020, 03:23 PM
0 1

So farming 4 servants in the time it takes to farm 1 is not 4x speed to you???? I think you need to go back to elementary school and re-learn basic arithmetic....

If I was on the devs' payroll it would be weird if I criticized every single dev note about trans system and purification ground now would it? I think I would lose my job by then. I still don't understand why you even make such hilariously stupid statements with 0 logic involved. I am beginning to think moot is just full of brainlets.

Dev Note #105: 2nd Anniversary 4.0 Update - Additional Notice & Buff Adjustment for Servant Balance 20
HEIR OF LIGHT Feb 20, 2020, 07:51 AM
0 0

If you read the note literally above they said 22k CP growth score per unit team (T4 to T5) can farm in 60 seconds. 80 seconds is apparently time for T3 to T4 units. On the table given in previous note it was based on values for 60 sec time. One can easily imagine with T7+ team for farming you could achieve 30 sec or even 20 sec purification time, bc the base stats increase so much. Maybe consider reading for once before you come to conclusions lol...

And I already know you're gonna call the devs liars in their notes or whatever.. so I guess continue to be stubborn and not listen to anyone lol. Sometimes admitting that you're wrong is not a bad idea :)

Dev Note #105: 2nd Anniversary 4.0 Update - Additional Notice & Buff Adjustment for Servant Balance 20
HEIR OF LIGHT Feb 20, 2020, 06:56 AM
1 0

I think you are misunderstanding. The purifying region is completely add-on to the current shard farming, so you can shard farm manually at the same time. Also the purifying region could actually be faster than normal shard farming if you could get the "20-30 sec purify speed" as they claimed you can get with a good farming team. This is because even if you get 5 seconds normally, the damn loading screens take like 20 more seconds, whereas purification is completely offline/passive. Technically with 3 regions unlocked and good teams for all 3 along with manual farming, you are running at 4x shard farming rate. Of course... the caveat is you need 4 separate teams.

If you read my post on the calculations of the matter, using 3 regions you will be able to T10 3 units (on regions alone) in maybe 2-3 months if you're fast (without dupes pulled or farming manually).

Dev Note #105: 2nd Anniversary 4.0 Update - Additional Notice & Buff Adjustment for Servant Balance 20
HEIR OF LIGHT Feb 19, 2020, 10:49 PM
3 7

Yes, I do agree that T10 should completely outpace T5. The thing is, they specifically said they did not want T10 to have the stigma of being "required". This is from their own discussion in previous dev note. This change contradicts that statement...

Also, don't you think 5 times the base atk and HP will basically make max HP units worthless again? They were finally getting used in abaddon and etc, but at this point you could probably sweep abaddon hell with just beefed up atk DPS at T10.

And yes, they definitely need to add a rank above diamond... there is a big gap between the top players in diamond and the bottom players in diamond.

Dev Note #105: 2nd Anniversary 4.0 Update - Additional Notice & Buff Adjustment for Servant Balance 20
HEIR OF LIGHT Feb 19, 2020, 10:43 PM
3 0

The low cost of karats per month to unlock region as well as much lower than anticipated mileage cost for permanent unlock is very gratifying, thank you. In addition, the clarification that purification speed can be FASTER than 60 seconds with a good farming team means shard farming with purification ground is actually quite efficient provided you refill your valor.
However, the base stat increase is.... way too high. I thought you guys wanted to stray away from making units "required" to have highest transcendence, but now you make it so T10 is literally 5 times the base stats as T5? I think this is a bad move. T10 should have maybe 2 times the base stats, so at least T5 units have a chance against them. Consider re-evaluating this please.

Dev Note #105: 2nd Anniversary 4.0 Update - Additional Notice & Buff Adjustment for Servant Balance 20
HEIR OF LIGHT Feb 19, 2020, 02:53 AM
3 4

Meanwhile Forest Xita exists...

[Notice] 2/10 CST Update Maintenance (6:00 PM ~ 9:00 PM CST)[Completed] 4
HEIR OF LIGHT Feb 11, 2020, 08:59 AM
0 0

Unfortunately, something similar to this Trans expansion was inevitable. Many whales were reaching the highest ceiling already (due to how easy to is to fuse for LDs if you whale) and that is not healthy for a typical gacha game. However, trans expansion should not have happened, but instead a new system, perhaps just as hard to level up, should be added, like some skill tree or whatever. Having an expanded trans system causes conflicts all over the place and really slaps people who went hard to T5 collabs or unfarmables. Sadly though it looks like they will keep on going through with this update... Let's hope they take some feedback by the time the next dev note comes out.

Also the timing of this update on the anniversary is just terrible.. puts a bad image on the game

Dev Note #103: 2nd Anniversary 4.0 Update Preview Part 3: Purifying Ground & Transcendence Expansion 53
HEIR OF LIGHT Feb 11, 2020, 02:45 AM
2 0

Wow, you really are eating up everything I say huh? Here's some more food for your trolling needs. It seems normal logic will never have an influence on you because you are so unbelievably ignorant. Good luck man, I hope your veil of anonymity will serve you just as well in the real world. Please bombard me with more, I truly love wasting your time like this.

Dev Note #103: 2nd Anniversary 4.0 Update Preview Part 3: Purifying Ground & Transcendence Expansion 53
HEIR OF LIGHT Feb 10, 2020, 01:26 AM
3 0

Lmao you are almost as toxic as a League player when they are losing. It really is hilarious to see someone spend their time making an account just to diss people with racist remarks. I really appreciate your effort you put into this... trolling is definitely a lost art among 12 year olds nowadays, thank you for reviving it :)

Dev Note #103: 2nd Anniversary 4.0 Update Preview Part 3: Purifying Ground & Transcendence Expansion 53
HEIR OF LIGHT Feb 10, 2020, 12:04 AM
3 0

Sigh... the last thing we need is to be racist. There is a language barrier here, and adding fuel to the fire won't help anyone and makes you look like a child ranting. Try to come with constructive criticism instead of being a baby

Dev Note #103: 2nd Anniversary 4.0 Update Preview Part 3: Purifying Ground & Transcendence Expansion 53
HEIR OF LIGHT Feb 9, 2020, 12:32 PM
3 0

And to think this is the anniversary... more like closing statements before shutdown lol

Dev Note #103: 2nd Anniversary 4.0 Update Preview Part 3: Purifying Ground & Transcendence Expansion 53
HEIR OF LIGHT Feb 8, 2020, 11:40 AM
0 16

Hmm, it seems like shard acquisition is pretty fast (for the average player), although it is vague what the table shows (Is this for 1 region only or what, do rates vary per region?).
"The remaining regions can be unlocked through Mileage Shop or purchase of All-In-One package." Please tell me that this is if you don't meet requirements already... if you have to pay to unlock regions that is just BS. There is zero chance ANYONE will be happy if you put paywall for COLLAB.
Also, why add value to LD packs without adding value to rewards for LD stones for in-game content? Seems like a ploy for paying players.

One good thing is addition of LD special shards... I hope those can drop somewhere (guild content maybe?) instead of being only in packs.

Dev Note #103: 2nd Anniversary 4.0 Update Preview Part 3: Purifying Ground & Transcendence Expansion 53
HEIR OF LIGHT Feb 8, 2020, 11:26 AM
0 0

Nice name LOL

HoL Devs 4
HEIR OF LIGHT Feb 8, 2020, 05:00 AM
3 1

4x fast shard farm... but to T6 something it already takes same amount of farming as 400 normal shards... if the trend continues upward past T6 this looks bleak... especially for those who have dupes they saved up for this update... only 500 exp for those when it requires 1600 for T6. I'm sorry but you guys need fat compensation or something or else LOTS will quit.

However, the one thing that is quite eye-opening is ability to farm collab servant shards?? What will happen to those who foddered off collab units... i expect big backlash from them

Dev Note #102: 2nd Anniversary 4.0 Update Preview Part 1: Transcendence Revamp 24
HEIR OF LIGHT Feb 1, 2020, 11:05 AM
4 2

Thanks man, don't you worry my kids will have higher IQ than you ;)

Dev Note #101: 2-Year Anniversary 4.0 Update Preview #1: Shard Farm & Transcendence 38
HEIR OF LIGHT Jan 30, 2020, 06:21 AM
2 0

Wow, finally you seem to make a point. Now I finally understand what the gripe is, the fact that people can free-load IPvP just by getting into diamond rank. Maybe if you just told me that to begin with instead of saying vague pointers to matchmaking this whole conversation would have ended long ago...

I also find it hilarious that you insult me with all these snide comments but all but this last post you made has been a bunch of yelling and screaming with no evidence to back it up. Although your last post did include some yelling (keep it up!)

Telling me to avoid asking why people dislike something is just plain stupid. I am trying to gather feedback and form an understanding of both sides. Maybe you are too blind and biased to try and look at it from another angle?

But alas, I do understand your point now, it is definitely TOO EASY to get rewards. Possibly a suggestion to alleviate this is to nerf group rewards and bring back overall rank rewards. However, I do not agree with your matchmaking claim. Rather, matchmaking should stay diverse in my opinion. If you can't beat someone 30 ranks lower then should you be that high up in the first place?

Lol I can't wait for you to call me disabled or something. I truly live to hear salty people attack me like their life is on the line.

Dev Note #101: 2-Year Anniversary 4.0 Update Preview #1: Shard Farm & Transcendence 38
HEIR OF LIGHT Jan 30, 2020, 12:58 AM
1 0

Lol, how are you supposed to argue if you just ignore the other person's argument? I went and tried to clarify myself and you just label me as a liar. As you just said, your server seems to dislike group system, but mine seems to like it a lot. That should be the end of the discussion then... different servers have different opinions. Maybe in SEA server people do in fact like having same people for every game, not my opinion to judge. I really don't understand why you have to bring up some heated emotional fluff to try and take the moral high ground here by labelling me as a liar.

If I was a liar, are you saying that the hours upon hours of time I spent making guides and a tier list for the community is all useless crap to waste people's time? Tell me what YOU have done for the community other than unecessarily complain in an overblown manner about a topic you could have just clarified much better in one comment. Instead of saying 'X' ruined the game, maybe try and say WHY it ruined the game next time and provide feedback from players as to why... this way the devs can actually use it instead of screaming like a child.

Also, you seem to think I don't play the game or something... I grind 16+ hours a day, as opposed to a login and go casual player. Even if I was a casual player, are you going to just discredit their opinion? Ignoring others' opinion is a dumb and stupid way to argue your point. Saying that rewards don't matter is like saying morals don't matter in the face of free choice for abortion. You HAVE to acknowledge the other side of the argument in order to counter it.

Dev Note #101: 2-Year Anniversary 4.0 Update Preview #1: Shard Farm & Transcendence 38
HEIR OF LIGHT Jan 28, 2020, 11:21 PM
2 0

??? How is that a lie??? The one person who didn't like the group system said that their problem with it is they disliked how groups were made for boss invasion, since that is pretty much considered "PvE" content desite pvp potentials working there. Am I supposed to consider this a gripe?

You seem to be overblowing my statement way out of proportion there. In the meantime, you have given me ONE reason that group system is bad... matchmaking. Ok, I get that maybe you want the +- 10 people near your rank to be your opponents, that is somewhat debatable (more on that later). The points allocation is basically the same, since it is partly due to new matchmaking. For example, you are top 50 and top 25 overall. You get opponents that are top 75 or top 100 overall, maybe you lose to them on an unlucky match and lose 18 points for example. Then you face off against another top 75 or top 100 overall and win, getting 4-5 points. This is obvious stuff man... you win against lower ranked players, you get less points. You lose against lower ranked players, you lose more points.

The same goes for if you win against higher ranked, let's say you beat rank 10. You probably will get +12 to +14 points for winning against them. Again, you say points system is flawed, but it has never changed in the first place. The only thing that has changed is matchmaking, which now matches you with a larger variety of people compared to before.

Keep in mind this is a conflicting opinion from majority of players to begin with. Many players were worried about having TOO LITTLE players to match up against. They say that a group of 20 is too small and etc, saying that it would be stupid to face same people over and over again.

If you have another gripe about group system other than matchmaking, tell me instead of trying to debunk my statements with a biased outlook. Instead of accusing me of lies, try and form points as to specifically why group system is bad, and that is when I can respond with either a disagree or agree. Right now it is just an unnecessarily heated conversation.

Dev Note #101: 2-Year Anniversary 4.0 Update Preview #1: Shard Farm & Transcendence 38
HEIR OF LIGHT Jan 28, 2020, 03:10 AM
1 0

I play in diamond group... it has always been the case where if I lose I lose 15+ points and if I win I get maybe 5 points. There is 0 difference from before. I have been overall rank 10 or higher in my server (global) for the past 6 or so months, and this change has not done anything to me, other than give me more karats (approximately 400 more per week). I really don't see how matching making is worse than before, I get matched with people all across diamond rank. Which if anything diversifies who I am fighting against, rather than the same old 20 or so players I fight against normally.

You cannot say anything about me playing "just to collect rewards". I have been grinding non-stop for 2 years since the game's release, I've seen many things... Even if you are rank 20 in diamond group, which I believe there are around 5 or so diamond groups total, you are still getting the SAME rewards as a top 50 player in IPvP before. However, keep in mind each group has 20 people. So there are now 50 people who used to get less rewards, get more. This is not counting the already higher rewards for each group in general.

I have asked in many place, in general chat in discord as well as chat in-game with both high tier and low tier players, and it seems 95% of people respond with group system is good, or group system didn't really change much. Unless there is some other stigma that your server has (I am in global server), I really don't understand your point. Pretty much no one in my server is against group system.

Oh, and before you call me a big whale... I have spent almost nothing on the game other than occasional 150 run repeat pack (I went a whole year F2P already). I have 0 LDs over T2. I use almost exclusively RGB nat5s in PvP.

Dev Note #101: 2-Year Anniversary 4.0 Update Preview #1: Shard Farm & Transcendence 38
HEIR OF LIGHT Jan 28, 2020, 12:56 AM
3 0

The point of the group system is for the rewards... I am not sure what you are trying to talk about? Matching is the same compared to before, except now points are tallied within groups. There is ZERO difference than before other than MORE rewards. Unless you are some masochist who likes a "challenge" in a gacha game where P2W is everywhere this system is better.

Please enlighten me on how group system "ruined" the game...

Dev Note #101: 2-Year Anniversary 4.0 Update Preview #1: Shard Farm & Transcendence 38
HEIR OF LIGHT Jan 27, 2020, 07:29 AM
4 0

Pot change stones instead of LD stones. Pot change stones are more valuable in my opinion

Tower Invasion Rewards 5
HEIR OF LIGHT Jan 26, 2020, 04:06 AM
1 0

Group system is pretty good from what I've seen, rewards are pretty much the same from before for higher tiered players and much higher for lower tiered players.

Not sure what the gripe is with group system...

Obviously adding more trans is something no one wants, all we want is some damn guild content

Dev Note #101: 2-Year Anniversary 4.0 Update Preview #1: Shard Farm & Transcendence 38
HEIR OF LIGHT Jan 25, 2020, 12:50 AM
4 15

I'm not sure about you, but losing 10 magic supremes (equivalent of around 500 karats in terms of refreshes) for almost 1000 karats and extra potential change stones is a good deal.

Tower Invasion Rewards 5
HEIR OF LIGHT Jan 24, 2020, 12:12 PM
0 2

Even if you introduce offline shard farming, I have to imagine it is much slower than online farming (how would repeat packs work in this case?). Unless the new "higher-tiered" transcendence past lvl 70 does not bring such a drastic qualitative change to a servant as a normal transcendence does, it is a terrible blow for free to play players. It is quite hard already to amass 6 total copies (especially for LDs) and if it takes a couple more to get a significant boost, I feel like it is too much. If the extra copies maybe amass to a measly 10 or 15% boost, then it is tolerable, but if it is a drastic change such as from lvl 66 to lvl 70 in terms of both stats and potentials, I'm afraid the community will not be happy.

Dev Note #101: 2-Year Anniversary 4.0 Update Preview #1: Shard Farm & Transcendence 38
HEIR OF LIGHT Jan 24, 2020, 12:08 PM
1 4

The guy with 2 DPS has a horrendous combo team, there are mark conflicts and the healer and support they use don't combo into DPS.

World Boss 2
HEIR OF LIGHT Jan 23, 2020, 03:59 PM
2 0

You can sorta do this if you use cult training ground, with a decent team matches don't take over 40 seconds each

Dev Note #99: 3.11 Update Preview #1 - League System Revamp 27
HEIR OF LIGHT Jan 15, 2020, 10:45 AM
0 0

I can't wait for the snide comment saying how whales just get more benefits... let's be real. These rewards mean almost nothing to the whales, and neither does it affect the average player. So please stop complaining about it. Everyone benefits from whales being happy, keeps the game alive.

[Event] Compensation Log in Event and Early Notice for 3.11 Update changes 2
HEIR OF LIGHT Jan 14, 2020, 03:01 PM
1 0

Will LD heavy teams be paired against other LD heavy teams? Or will it only be based around transcendence level in which element does not matter?

Dev Note #99: 3.11 Update Preview #1 - League System Revamp 27
HEIR OF LIGHT Jan 11, 2020, 12:34 PM
0 1

It's New Year's chill out... if my boss made me work for New Years I'd be pissed

January Mission Pack 3
HEIR OF LIGHT Jan 3, 2020, 01:33 AM
2 0

Thank you, I am adding that to my data collection :)

Fusion rate nerf 20
HEIR OF LIGHT Dec 26, 2019, 10:17 AM
0 0

I am currently getting data from all types of fuses. From word of "whales" in eu and global server and some in korea server, they say the rates for LD Nat4+Nat5 is around 1/7 or around 14.3%. This was around 3-4 months ago. I am asking many people currently to record EXACT data per fuse in order to remove any doubt about overestimation or whatever. So far, rate seems hover between 12% and 17% for LD Nat4 + Nat5, so I'm fairly certain that they have no changed the rates. As for people who claim to get 20 to 25+ dry spells of LD Nat4 + Nat5, I'm afraid that they are VERY LIKELY to be overestimating the number of fuses they have done in a row before the next success. Of course, there is still a chance they are not overstimating, but based on the standard deviation of the data I have collected (currently over 200 fuses), it just doesn't seem plausible. Please, if you don't believe me, go and record your fuses 1 by 1, and not rely on memory alone, because you may be unknowingly biased.

Also, something to note, which is quite important. Fusions for LD nat4 + Nat4 is actually very viable based on the data I have collected. The rate for that fluctuates between 7 - 12%. I feel that with how easy it is to get nat4 in this game, this is much better method for obtaining LD nat5s.

Fusion rate nerf 20
HEIR OF LIGHT Dec 24, 2019, 07:41 AM
0 4

I mean, if you don't need any of the unfarmables then sure, the original nat4s and LD nat4s from mass invasion would be better. But for players who had their main units be unfarmable, being forced to use thousands of karats on special summons or rate+ summons to transcend them is not fun. I guess if you don't use it, you can ignore it, other than the measly cost of 1 LD nat4 or 3 RGB nat4s per month which is honestly pretty much negligible in the long run.

[Notice] 3.10 Update Patch Note 10
HEIR OF LIGHT Dec 23, 2019, 05:01 AM
0 0

I think the point they were going for was to just allow players to at least have a way to farm unfarmable units, albeit not easy. I'm pretty sure trading that for a whopping 1 LD nat4 or 3 RGB Nat4s per month via old mass invasion was worth it.

[Notice] 3.10 Update Patch Note 10
HEIR OF LIGHT Dec 23, 2019, 03:19 AM
0 0

From data collection of 8k runs... it seems like overall shard drop rates for mass invasion (the 13 valor cost) is higher than late sanctuary. Late sanc rates (from 16k runs) are around 8.75-8.80%. Late mass invasion are 9.70-9.90% rate. I think they are viablefor the extra valor cost and harder stage difficulty. For beginners and mid-game, not viable, but for late game, very viable

[Notice] 3.10 Update Patch Note 10
HEIR OF LIGHT Dec 23, 2019, 03:12 AM
0 0

LD Nat4s can block LD nat5 passives. Also I have yet to see a light lenore in abaddon and I am at F39.

Adjust lv 5
HEIR OF LIGHT Nov 7, 2019, 08:51 AM
0 0