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HEIDE 15 +1
HEIR OF LIGHT May 10, 2020, 01:55 PM
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My boss invasion screenshot


My boss invasion screenshot
HEIR OF LIGHT Apr 3, 2020, 02:01 PM
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The best way to get skill buns

Hello newcomer!

I'm injuredabr and I'm here to tell you all the possible ways to acquire skill buns:

In this game it is very important to have your servant skills leveled up to defeat your enemy.

First of all, I recomend you to set a time to play the training cult section so you can get honor points. You can buy 3 skill buns per week in the honor point shop, it is 150 points each one, it is a must that you buy those every week!

Make sure you log in every day since there are continuous events that require us to be active and some of the rewards are skill buns, constantly check the event section to stay tuned.

Try your best to get the maximum points in world boss because you can get 2 skill bun shards and summon one once you get 10 pieces, consult the reward section in world boss to know what score you need.

Once you have a decent team, you can adventure into abbadon because you can get skill buns once you beat certain floors, check the reward section in abbadon so you can see which floor gives you a skill bun.

Abbadon requires constant effort to beat some floors so don't feel sad if you can't beat one floor, continue progressing and you'll do it.

That's it for now I hope this information is useful for you, make sure to add me in the game and if u have any question feel free to contact me or our team, see you around!

ID: 10009390717

HEIR OF LIGHT Jan 8, 2020, 09:14 AM
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Light Ezebell review 5★

Light Ezebell is such an outstanding unit first because as a defense unit, he can absorb up to 3 combo skills of the most feral dps.
He can hit very hard as well because from all buffs he can have up to 400% extra defense plus 240%crit damage from potentials that's why his passive makes him a very top tier unit.
When paired with a team to synergize and well built, he can excel in many scenarios. He needs a team that gives him defense and units to combo onto him to kill anything.
My gear is not perfect nor my team, and it also needs more work, but I'm pleased with the result I have so far; I recommend double havoc 2def/4cd/6def/7spd/8cd for good results. If you get this unit you're so lucky don't feed it!
You might need to craft a mark for him for better results; pair him with a toon that gives wave defense buff such as water heylel or [A] leto or dark A sphinx., also forest/dark rem gives him extra defense. Those images are achievements I've made so far with him.

Injuredabr - global server - ID: 10009390717

Light Ezebell review 5★ +1
HEIR OF LIGHT Aug 20, 2019, 04:03 AM
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Gipvp rank

Hello, my suggestion is to show in our profile the global ipvp rank as right now tower, pvp, ipvp and abadon is displayed.

HEIR OF LIGHT Aug 1, 2019, 04:06 AM
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