Level 24
28K/34K 78 580

💠My favourite game is obviously Rainbow 6 Siege!
I play for fun, but if i start losing in a row:
Tryhard mode --> ✅
💠Other games that i play on Console:
CoD Warzone(only when I'm bored), Minecraft(very rarely but i spend 4 years of my life playing Minecraft!)
💠⚔Im a Buck/Ash/Dokki main.
🛡 Lesion/Oryx main.
💠Questions? The DM are open
💠Favourite color: Arctic blue
💠Gender: Male
💠Hobbies:Videogames and guitar
💠Country: ITALY🇮🇹
💠City: Milan
💠Platform: PS4/5, mobile
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  • https://moot.us/@papiulevic


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  • etc Papiulevic_ for COD mobile! (I'm a knife main)