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He meant to make these monthly events more engaging. The monthly events are always with the same mechanic, either they are daily check-in event or need to make farming like "go to the awakening dungeon x times", "go to infinite pvp x times". The only difference in these events are the banners and how the buttons to claim rewards are placed. For example the John Wick event, in my opinion it would be more fun and engaging if it was like an event tile or event tower. Each phase/floor you need to defeat Sofia's lackeys and Sofia herself (basically a formed enemy team instead of fighting a single enemy) with a John Wick as "event support unit" . Each phase/floor would change John's element as well as the enemies. In other words you assemble a team of 3 servants with a John Wick in one of the team's slots already. Not saying that these already existent monthly events are useless or pointless, but they do are getting repetitive and seeing a different type of monthly event would be more than welcome.
Also, I loved these new mass invasion revamp, it is really good. And same for the new difficult in the abbadon tower. Now we can get even more and better stuff with a more challenging difficulty. The HoL team really had an amazing job on those two 👍

HEIR OF LIGHT Oct 29, 2019, 01:06 PM
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I agree, this game does need a new type of event like you said. It would be very fun and interesting. 👍

HEIR OF LIGHT Oct 23, 2019, 11:00 AM
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