Level 24
30K/34K 997 0

(My English is very gud, so you can talk to me in English no problem)

💠Games played :
🔹Monster Hunter (Gen)
🔹Team Fortress 2
🔹Scrap Mecanic
🔹Vega Conflit
🔹Smash Ulti (don't have the online😢)

💠R6 :
🔹Team:Myrmidon (MYR)
▫️Maestro, Vigil, Mira, Ela▫️
▫️Hibana, Gridlock, Maverick▫️

💠Monster Hunter (Gen) :
🔹HR:231 (Still playing)
🔹Weapons :
🔸Sword and shield,Switch axe, Charge Blade, Light and Heavy Bowgun🔸

💠 TF2 :
🔸Spy(Spycrab sometimes), Heavy(Hoovy sometimes), Pyro/Pybro, Engineer🔸

💠Geometry dash :
🔹Good/Average player
🔹Levels still uncompleted :
🔸Electrodinamix, Hexagon Force, Clubstep, TOE2, Deadlocked

💠Can find me on:
🔹Discord :
🔹Insta :

💠Dm are always open

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