Level 12
2,799/3,000 4,062 0

Spa Glitch keeps me from bathing the units I want

I have accumulated 70+ 6 drops that I want to bathe, but for some reason, they do not appear on the list even without filters. I did not lock them and there is no reason for them to be inaccessible. Now, there are empty bath slots that I can only use for 4/5 star units that I have no interest in leveling up

Please fix this.

Spa Glitch keeps me from bathing the units I want +1
DESTINY CHILD Feb 6, 2022, 11:17 PM
3 2

Her World

Aka: Billy is a smooth sail compared to Davi.

I can safely run full auto against Billy with the new auto system and still deal optimal damage. In al, I am enjoying this ragna way more than the last.

Keep in mind, about halfway into the video, Yt music crashes. That is why the music stops.

Her World
DESTINY CHILD Jul 30, 2020, 09:11 AM
3 2

Vote for the Ragna Alt I should use for Summer Shooters

Tell me which song you want for me to use when I eventually post my video showing off my run against the lvl.40 boss

1. Infinite Azure
2. Blue Skies (infinity mix)
3. Solaris phase 2 (His World)

DESTINY CHILD Jul 22, 2020, 04:26 AM
1 4

Final Thoughts: vanishing twin

Davi, since when did you become scary as Chin Chin during sacrifice seaason?

This Ragna was an utter nightmare for me to slough through. Dark Eavi makes you have to Micromanage in Manual, and after hours of time spent on dozens of tickets on Manual, I threw my hands up, gave up on getting the One Shot kill (I reached 5.5 million at most without an optimized L.Mona). and just stuck Epona in for Full Auto.

In all, I got 6 5*, two L Mona alt skins, two spa skins, 1 Davi Ragna skin, and 4 Davi spa skins. Nowhere as fruitful as iphis', but I will take it.

I don't want go through a ragna like that again.

Final Thoughts: vanishing twin +1
DESTINY CHILD Jul 10, 2020, 09:37 AM
2 0

Heart of Chaos

The struggle is real.

Unlike the Iphis before her, Davi requires you to be on your toes at all times while fighting her. With only a bare L. Mona, I cannot take the easier route of using her to muscle through Reflect. Instead, I use C. Neamhain to remove death deal and give atk/speed boosts.

I could also use my trusty Cleo, but I already have to micromanage my team on Manual, so having to tap for Focus before fever is too much of a hassle for me to do in addition for watching Davi's debuffs/reflect. With Hildr, all I need to do is Drive to flick it on.

I do not know if I am willing to gun for top 100 with this team, since this setup is only good for Manual and my Epona is only +2

Heart of Chaos
DESTINY CHILD Jun 27, 2020, 10:52 PM
0 1

Aurora King's Day Off

Oh Yeah~
The moment I saw my eyes on the Aurora King WB, I knew I had to do this.

I am not sorry.

This WB I am taking easy. Even though it has been about a month, I am still fatigued from the Iphis Ragna. So, I am not gunning for top 100 this time.

Aurora King's Day Off
DESTINY CHILD Jun 7, 2020, 04:41 AM
1 7

Final thoughts: Secret Bride

The end of a three week long ragna is now here, and I have to say, this is THE BEST Ragna I ever had.

This is the first Ragna I was serious about reaching the top 100, and what do you know, I DID IT.


Your boy's finally made it to the big leagues. The Peace Lords are paying attention, now.

The number of Aurora Kings I got here were insane, rivalling that of the Rita Ragna. I was able to do the Gold Summon 3 times a day without feeling bad.

And the pulls from the Plat Chests... I got myself 3 Iphis', 4 Iphis' Skin, 5 Hildr skins, 3 Pomona skins, and over TWENTY DARK 5 DROPS

That's an optimized Saturn, a +3 Mars, and a +5 Werewolf. Looking good for the next WB.

Add to the fact that I was able to Oneshot the boss (but not hit Ragna top 100 due to failing to get Melpomeme from Lisa's Lessons...)

But hey, I still did pretty good. It just costed me 30K ish crystals and a lot of Full Auto lazy rounds.

Now, go on and tell Papa Franku what your experience of this ragna was like.

Final thoughts: Secret Bride +2
DESTINY CHILD May 14, 2020, 03:00 PM
1 1

Ragna Alts

Given that we are in the latter half of Iphis' Ragna, I am going to make a thread that I wanted to make for a while.

Alt Ragna themes.

Face it, hearing the same theme song of the Ragna boss over and over again gets tiresome, so you mute the BGM, open spotify or YT music, and start playing your own songs to make the battle feel fresh again. It helps especially if you are gunning for top 100 (Like Me).

So, going in chronological order, I am going to post theme songs I have used for the lvl 40 boss battle of each season of Ragna Break.

S0: Black Christmas ost 27: end credits
S1: Fate/Zero (Return to Zero album). The Lancer

S3: Tekken 7: infinite azure (1st)
S4: Robyn- Beach2k20

Catherine: Catherine- An Die Freude
S6: PSYQUI: Rainbow Dream
S7(My fav theme so far)Tekken 7: Heat Haze Shadow
And lastly... this current season:
This Is True Love Makin'

Now that I shared mine, please post your own.

DESTINY CHILD May 7, 2020, 01:34 AM
0 3

Theory: Iphis x Bathory

Would you ship it?

How do you think Bathory would respond if Iphis chose her to be the Pure Bride?

They both are similar in their interests, though how they go forth gaining Brides are pretty different. Could there be potential for a falling out/ battle between them?

DESTINY CHILD May 4, 2020, 05:31 AM
2 2

This is True Love Making

As I promised

I am showcasing the team that had brought me into the top 100.

Rocking the unconventional team of Cleopatra with C. Neamhain.

With 7th time being Cleo's Carta instead of Centennial vow.

Yes, I just barely missed one shotting Iphos, hit had I managed to not fudge that first Focus Fever, I would have had ir. It is the Inherent risk you take when playing Cleo.

Papa Franku FINALLY is shaking the Tiers up by appearing in the top 100

I have no shame, Ahahah

This is True Love Making +2
DESTINY CHILD Apr 27, 2020, 03:54 PM
1 8

Going to Midnight Parade with my Pufferfish

I decided to feed my pufferfish some carrots while also looking for Will o' the Wisps, to see if he could increase the likeliness of getting 5* skins
Here is the end result.

I should bring my Pufferfish outside more often

Going to Midnight Parade with my Pufferfish
DESTINY CHILD Apr 22, 2020, 03:26 AM
0 1

Knight of the Goddess

Daphnis is a boss that I am well prepared for, mainly thanks to Demeter Ragna giving me so many fire units from olat chests

I got Ganesha this very morning from my CERY first 10x roll. She's right in the squad as leader.

This team uses the Brigid setup. Her Pleasire makes a big difference in damage, and works pretty well with Daoine's Slide.

Damage avg. 7,000,000. Take a look for yourself.

Knight of the Goddess
DESTINY CHILD Mar 27, 2020, 04:49 AM
0 0

Heat Haze Shadow 2nd

I thought I would never be able to pull it off, but I did.

Just before Ragna Break ended, I was able to One Shot demeter with my team

Differences from the first team (as seen in the first Heat Haze Shadow video)
1. Deino +2 has taken Thanatos+6s place. Her Frenzy during Fever is too good to pass up.
2. Respite Carta has been optimized and put on Deino.
Neptune is now +6 and maxed out
And all units are lvl 20-30 in the Spa.

Words cannot describe how glad I am to have made it.

Heat Haze Shadow 2nd
DESTINY CHILD Mar 12, 2020, 09:29 AM
0 2

Heat Haze Shadow

Watch me take on Demeter in style. I used custom tracks in this video, mainly because I think that the theme song of tekken 7's climactic battle works well for this ragna boss.

Rather than use my Chang'e for optimal speed, I wanted to use Hermes to optimize damage output, plus Thanatos is preferred for tapping more than sliding (unless that position is failing to stick on Demeter).

I only need one more Neptune to optimize this team, and I do have the water carta for this ragna, I just need to optimize it.

I seem to always be in the 3 million range. It is impressive damage, hit I want to one shot Demeter (which seems impossible without forking over the money for an optimized Deino

Heat Haze Shadow
DESTINY CHILD Feb 29, 2020, 12:43 AM
0 1

Bes gave the best Narrative Dungeon, period

Just when I though I had high luck in the start of the narrative dungeon.

Both the 6 percent banner and the grid rewards were insane. Not once, not twice, but THRICE, I got the 50 bloodgem jackpot

On top of that, I got triple 5 drops from the banner three times. ( didn't ca0 the second one)

Bes ended up giving me more bloodgems than chocolates, this dungeon

I am ready to take on Ragna Demeter, now

Bes gave the best Narrative Dungeon, period +4
DESTINY CHILD Feb 27, 2020, 05:23 AM
2 3

When you tire of the main soundtrack

You put in your own songs for the game. In this case, I put in music from different games for different parts of DC. Let's start with the main menu.

Menu: New Bodhum

Feel free to add me as well. I'd is btxqb9z9sa5d
Suggestion, have an oddball/underused child as your support unit. I prefer those over the usual suspects I see in my friends list.

And please, go on and share your own songs.

When you tire of the main soundtrack
DESTINY CHILD Feb 25, 2020, 01:16 AM
0 1

Best narrative dungeon so far

And I say that because of how lucky I have been in the rewards and the 6%banner

I got the 50 bloodgem jackpot, making this the third narrative dungeon in a row to give to give me the best possible Bloodgem Key prize

I have been getting at least one 5 drop for every summon fro. The 6% banne rdd, and I just got myself ny first ever triple 5 drop

Brigid and Neptune will prove useful against the upcoming Daphne wb. As for Mammon... want to go and meet Bari for something special from her?

Neo Nepu is at +3, now thanks to this

In all, this is smooth sailing before the storm that will be the next Ragna

Best narrative dungeon so far +1
DESTINY CHILD Feb 22, 2020, 01:34 AM
1 2

This is true love making on PvP

N mona has such great abilities for doters, and her leader skill is a hard counter against most slowdown teams.
Bathory stems the heavy bleed from double and triple D(oters), and her debuffs make it so that an attacker is not necessary

So, who should I put in my pvp team?

I know, how about hoth?

On accident, I replaced abbadon with bathory in my speed crits team, and the results made me very glad I made that mistake.

Mona and Bathory show that in platinum league, THIS is true love they're making

Well... up until Nicole comes and ruins the festivities.

This is true love making on PvP
DESTINY CHILD Feb 5, 2020, 10:00 AM
1 4

Batthory's blessings

In the very first 10x roll on original Bathory's banner, she emerged.

As if she made a promise to grace me with the same fortune again, her new form appears on my very first 10x.

It's as if she is trying to tell me something.

What would you interpret this as?

Batthory's blessings +1
DESTINY CHILD Jan 31, 2020, 06:57 AM
1 0

Planet Party meets the rest of the solar system.

Otherwise known as, me playing around with the last Neptune battle.

The girls from Planet Party is given a pleasant surprise when Aria's pactmaker brings some friends to watch them perform in concert.

Among them are

Other Mars (the one without the devi sexy heart symbol. She believes that the new Mars took her name knowingly).

Jupiter (He has no interest in modern pop, but he was intrigued when he learned that the pop stars were childs named after other planets).

Hermes (the Roman Empire gave Hermes the name Mercury, so it's close enough)

And Siren (because Osamu mentioned her during the raid story).

Btw, I had no clue that Aria's drive got updated just for this event.

Planet Party meets the rest of the solar system.
DESTINY CHILD Nov 29, 2019, 11:31 AM
0 0

When they advertise other gachas on YouTube

AFK Arena:Look at how odd and quirky we are! Play now for free.
Me: sorry, but my only GACHA is Destiny Child
Raid shadow legends: we are promoted by big youtubers, and we got cool 3d graphics.
Me: Maybe these youtubers should try advertising Destiny Child instead. Not even as a paid promo, but to represent the best Waifu gacha out there
Azure Lane: We are a waifu GACHA, as well-
Me: Your Kantai Collection V2 cash grab ain't as good gameplay or animation wise.
Crossing Void: we got the best franchises and shonen protags in one game.
Me: Do you have Cammy, Chun Li, C/K/Qatharine, Blazblue, Vocalid, or Keonomi... actually, forget those furry lolis.
Brown Dust: we have a big and engaging community in game.
Me: you were only good for the cross collab event. I like my games to be more interactive and better animated.
Fate/GO: we got-
Me: F*ck no. Get out.

In short. Try as they might, no other game catches my interest like Destiny Child.

Besides, if I were to play any other game for a serious amount of time I would invest money into it. I don't want to develop a gacha addiction.
Any of you guys tried of these aforesaid games getting advertised on youtube?

When they advertise other gachas on YouTube
DESTINY CHILD Nov 26, 2019, 06:54 AM
0 6

Tristan sings Chacarron

Who knew Gorilla Tirstan could sing so well?

Tristan sings Chacarron
DESTINY CHILD Nov 18, 2019, 02:59 AM
1 1

Midas treats me to a great start for the narrative dungeon.

Not since Astreya did I get the jackpot in my first grid. This is a nice way to start things off.

Midas treats me to a great start for the narrative dungeon.
DESTINY CHILD Nov 14, 2019, 09:24 PM
0 1

On the last day...

No Alills, nor party medbs... but at least I finally got the medb carta today.

I have pulled on both banners throughout the past couple weeks. Were it not for this AND hitting the jackpot from a jelly donut box (lucky 777 blood gems), I would have deemed this the worst worldboss for me.

I did get two 5 drops from the alill/medb banner. They were both Mammon.

On the last day...
DESTINY CHILD Nov 13, 2019, 11:19 PM
0 0

Invisible Depths

Also known as: how I fare in the current WB.

Cleopatra's there because she has Seaside Goddess equipped.

My N.Mona is at +2, now.

This is the third WB where Sytry has evaded my grasp.

Luin's set as leader to dip Thetos defense significantly.

Both Wve and Thanatos are still collecting dust, so instead O use Midas' drive for Poison.

Tell me what you think

Invisible Depths
DESTINY CHILD Oct 14, 2019, 09:23 AM
0 0

History of my PvP team

I started playing back in March, and have come a long way in about half a year. I remember struggling to get past silver 1 with my first team, but now I am at plat V, trying to reach the top 100.

Come with me as I show the evolution of my PvP team over my time spent here.

Beginning team: Aria, Dana, Maat, Titania, and Ishtar.

Bronze- silver Iii: Dana, Maat, Change, Cleopatra, Horus

History of my PvP team +1
DESTINY CHILD Oct 12, 2019, 10:03 AM
2 1

Gunning for the top 100

To think that just a month and a half ago, it was a struggle to get into Gold from silver V

Papa Franku's chromosomes won't stop multiplying, and now the Peace Lords are taking notice.

Starting off in Plat iv, I decided that this will be the week that I enter the top 100. Let the Omniverse learn how it's done.

In this massive video bel0
Ow, you see me partake in over fifty battles to climb up the ranks. Most of the fights were a breeze, though a couple of them requires several retries.

The tiers are shifting.

Gunning for the top 100
DESTINY CHILD Oct 8, 2019, 10:14 AM
0 3

Bathory, or N.Mona?

Both are amazing contenders for a slot in my PVP team, for they both serve a similar function: "Nope"ing the DoT on the enemy's side.

Ideally, I would have Mona replace Maat or Chang'e, giving me a slot for a second attacker or debuffer. However, there are certain matches where Batjory's buffer as leader seems better than Mona's insane speed boost (especially good against opposing bathory teams.

Look at the video, then tell me who you would rather see in the leader slot.

Bathory, or N.Mona?
DESTINY CHILD Oct 4, 2019, 10:17 AM
0 4

Final results: Macabre Empire

Average damage: 1,800,000 (2,000 in Manual).
Ragna Rank: too small
Slayer Rank: 40%
Did I go all in on buying tickets?: no
Notable plat chests: 1 Metis and Red Cross
Had to buy the Rita Skin
Completely ignored Frej and Neamhain for the Bathory banner.
Record high number of Aurora Kings (20-30 in total).
Notable childs gotten from Banners: 1 Bathory (Wood Bloodgem at the very end), 1 Abbadon, and 1 Hera
Were it not for the record breaking number of Aurora Kings (more than double the average number I deal with in a raid) this would have been a subpar Raid.

I honestly neglected to invest as much time as I could to use up the tickets I had: I sometimes left the tickets to stay unused out of disinterest in the event.

Final results: Macabre Empire +1
DESTINY CHILD Sep 30, 2019, 10:41 AM
0 1

This is becoming a trend

First Astreya
Then Anemone
Then Bathory
And now... Newbie Mona

What do these four have in common?
I got all of them at the VERY FIRST 10X roll.

I am not sure of Mammon loves me, or this is compensation for all of the wasted Crystal's used in the Bathory Krampus banner (I got a Hera and that was it).

This is becoming a trend +3
DESTINY CHILD Sep 30, 2019, 10:15 AM
3 4


Otherwise known as how well I fare against lv 40 Snake LoliRita
My Bathory is only +1, so the chances of her sticking Dancing Blade on Rita is slim

I have no B.Lisa

And though I have a +6 Aria, her skills are still at lvl 1.

That delay with Cleo getting Focus before 2nd fever prevented me from having enough time to reach the third fever. Still, this was an okay battle.

DESTINY CHILD Sep 28, 2019, 09:19 AM
0 3

What is Frej's weapon

Analyzing the weapons that both versions of Frej use, they are based on Hindu/Tibetian ritual tools.

Frej's S rank weapon. Vajra

Res Frej's weapon. Double Phurpa
Ain't it odd that a demon uses holy weapons to dispatch his enemies: the Phurpa especially ought to burn his hand because of its divine properties.

What is Frej's weapon +1
DESTINY CHILD Sep 23, 2019, 04:17 AM
0 6

On the very first 10x roll

Just like in the Anrmone Banner beforehand, I got the priemere child from the very 1st 10x roll. This makes up for the utter garbage fire that was the Summer Davi banner (didn't get either her or Calypso).

Team Elizabeth Bathory is something I wanted to make since I first got this game, and now I can.

On the very first 10x roll +1
DESTINY CHILD Sep 12, 2019, 12:11 AM
4 4

I knew that select sound was from another game I played (Vagrant Story)

For a long time, I felt that the "click" sound in Destiny Child was familiar to me. I couldn"t figure out the name of the game until now.

In the video, I demonstrate the identical nature of the select sound between this game and that of Vagrant Story. Take a look. Anyone else figured this out?

I knew that select sound was from another game I played (Vagrant Story)
DESTINY CHILD Sep 11, 2019, 01:50 AM
0 3

Going aggro: PvP without Dana

I decided to drop Dana in favor of Pantheon, going aggro with my team. Even though I have yet to max out their skills and Cartas, they are tearing through the Gold leagues. The Jupiters I once dreaded are now one shotted by a Crit hungry Abbadon that just doesn't care.

Playing dangerously is quite rewarding.

Luin is remaining on the team mainly to weaken the defense of the enemy water units, increasing chances for a one shot kill from a crit buffed Abbadon.

Ideally, I will optimize both Blazblue Carta to give to my team. I thought about optimizing Dominous Duo for Abbadon, but I think the Poison Evasion that Smile gives is more important.

Watch me go through this Unknown team in under a minute.

Going aggro: PvP without Dana
DESTINY CHILD Sep 10, 2019, 04:33 AM
0 0

Best day of wb, so far.

This day, alone made a rather lackluster WB into a great one.

I got my fifth uncap for Maat (and 2nd for Midas) in today's rewards. The last uncap for my main healer is waiting for me in the current Synthesis Grid in ReBirth Lab

On top of that, when I was doing the Gold summons for Epona's mission, guess who was in the very first roll.

My Abbadon is now +6. Couple that with my third Pantheon from yesterday, and my PVP team is looking hella strong.

Best day of wb, so far. +1
DESTINY CHILD Sep 6, 2019, 05:22 AM
0 1

Final results: Summer scandal

Top damage against lvl40 Isolde;2.1mil (not saved)
Slayer rank:top 20%
Ragna Rank:too low to account.
Go all in on Crystal's for more tickets?: Not at all.
5 drops from Ragna-period banners:1 Thanatos, 2 Jacheongbi, 1 Abbadon, and 1 Anemone
Notable Plat chest rewards: 1 change, 1 Naias, 2 Isolde skins, 1 A grade equipment (dud shrine maiden's dagger)
All fireworks bought.
I rate this ragna as number 1, simply because best girls Anemone and Isolde are in this one.

Final results: Summer scandal +5
DESTINY CHILD Aug 29, 2019, 02:12 PM
0 2

On the first 10x roll.

Not since the Luin banner did I get the premiere child in the first roll.

I am grateful in choosing this banner over continuing the B. Lisa banner.

On the first 10x roll.
DESTINY CHILD Aug 24, 2019, 11:23 PM
2 2

I get two Isolde Skins within the same day

When I get the first skin from a plat chest: not bad...
When I get another skin just a couple hours later:
The 2nd skin was from a olat chest from an Aurora King, too...
Talk about good luck.

I get two Isolde Skins within the same day +2
DESTINY CHILD Aug 23, 2019, 05:39 AM
0 4

What the current ragna break feels like

Skip to 10:00
Eddy:B.Lisa (throwing coconuts instead of cans).
Sarah and jimmy: Isolde and Tristan

DESTINY CHILD Aug 18, 2019, 10:31 AM
0 0

True friends do not steal bosses

You stifle progress and steal gold by killing bosses without allowing the founder to get the first hit.

I just removed two people from my friends list who showed their true colors when they did just that.

I implore you who, are reading this, to do the same.

True friends do not steal bosses +1
DESTINY CHILD Aug 16, 2019, 02:22 PM
1 1

Lucky grid?

In just my 1st x5 pull, I got both of the 5 drops on the top row. You can't make this up.

Lucky grid?
DESTINY CHILD Aug 14, 2019, 12:43 AM
0 7

They're all here

Blazblue's banner is proving to be one of my best banners. Right up there with the Luin/Durandal one.
My nine is +2, and she's getting me way more medals in the hard dungeon than just the +0 Noel I had from before.
How be you guys runnin?

They're all here +1
DESTINY CHILD Aug 13, 2019, 07:57 AM
1 1

Kephri against Moa

I have been running up against the occasional Moa and Jupiter in Silver and Gold league. My plan is to max out Kephri and use her in conjunction with Cleopatra against teams rocking Moa and possibly Jupiter.

Matt is my main healer, so her tap already covers Moa's petrify.

How viable a strategy is this?

Kephri against Moa
DESTINY CHILD Jul 27, 2019, 06:39 AM
1 1

Change of luck

Coming from the sytry banner (which I have given up on, because I have not gotten a single 5 drop despite nearly 2 weeks of pulls,) I decided to give Astareya's banner a try.

From my first 10x summon, guess what I got.

First the 50 bloodgems for the first clear reward in Astareya's dungeon, and now Astareya, herself. What is with the sudden change of luck?

Change of luck
DESTINY CHILD Jul 25, 2019, 02:17 AM
1 8

What a nice way to start off the narrative dungeon

This is the first time I hit the bloodgem jackpot in a narrative dungeon. Previously, I had 10 gems as the highest reward.

What a nice way to start off the narrative dungeon
DESTINY CHILD Jul 23, 2019, 02:09 AM
1 7

Give your waifu a theme song.

What song would you put as a theme for the Child(s) you find befitting of them?

I will start off with Guaridan Chang'e. Wish- Ffxiii-2 main theme.

Give your waifu a theme song.
DESTINY CHILD Jul 19, 2019, 02:09 AM
2 4

Playing WB in public be like

While walking through the streets of Manhattan, taking the train, or buying coffee at Cafes, I am taking on Kephri with my phones volume at max (no headphones/silhouette).

Heads turn as people wonder where all that noise is coming from. Some people ask me to turn it down or what the f is going on in my chaotic screen. Others Stink Eye me when they see Kephri getting ganged on by a crowd of childs, their voices overlapping one another.

It brings a smile on my face, seeing so many people acknowledge how amazing this game is.

Seriously, the sheer amount of noise derived from playing WB at normal speed is making me popular in the streets.

DESTINY CHILD Jul 19, 2019, 12:09 AM
7 13

I don't care what the meta says about Luin

She will always have a place in my PVP team, even if her Jp counterpart is superior.

Watch me take on an Unknown team using her.

I don't care what the meta says about Luin
DESTINY CHILD Jul 14, 2019, 06:20 AM
0 1

Error in purchasing Mona's missions

I was able to make purchases in AI's missions earlier on, but before and after doing so, the game says "Invalud Receipt" when I try to buy Mona's missions. What is going on? Is anyone else experiencing this?

Error in purchasing Mona's missions
DESTINY CHILD Jul 13, 2019, 03:05 AM
0 3