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🛋Call me Sofa for short🛋

😀Part of the dum dums😀

🧑I'm 11 years old (Male)🧑

😂I like Minecrft,Fortnite,and FNAF😂

👨‍🏫6th grade👨‍🏫

😭21 followers on twitch😭

🤔season 2 player (in a bot..)🤔

Go follow Gatorboy45 he made my pfp :)👍

Road to 250
250 followers 10$ gift card
500 followers 25$ gift card
750 followers 50$ gift card

🏖️Island boy (Kauai)🏖️

🥁Middle school band (Percussion)🥁

Add me I have no friends on Apex legends

RIP mooters

I quit Fortnite cause it's dead so I play Apex Legends now

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  • https://moot.us/@Sofafrogs


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  • I don't have a pc so yeah... I don't have a pc so yeah...
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  • etc Discord: Sofafrogs#0045