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I've lost my motivation to post. This app has gone to shit and I dont think the original presence of this app will ever return.
Over 2 Years of Moot and about a year ago it was at its peak.

I love Moot, old Moot.

I miss the atmosphere and the happiness and the fact almost everyone felt like they belonged there.

Yeah, drama was also a thing back then but it was mostly fun or rare.

I love this app so damn much and even though i can't stand to look at whats it become and seeing the app itself makes me tired, I know the OG Mooters that have left and abandoned us other OGs here are living well.

I miss old Moot.
No Toxicity.
Xbox 360 mightve been Toxic but it was mostly fun and games, this is just energy stealing.

I love you Moot, but I've lost motivation and I've lost my touch and happiness I used to have scrolling through the old home page.

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