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I'm Bxchiefano (A.K.A Destasjoy), I'm from the Boogie Down Bronx (New York). I've been gaming since my momma bought me a Nintendo. Gaming helps me combat my anger and stress on a daily basis.

About Streaming Services:

I'm new to streaming so your support is greatly appreciated.




I don't really have a set schedule yet but one will be set shortly. Turn on the notifications so you'll know when I randomly stream.

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  • Joined Moot May 1, 2019

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  • https://moot.us/@bxchiefano


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Game Accounts

  • http://live.xbox.com/en-US/Profile?gamertag=BXchiefAno http://live.xbox.com/en-US/Profile?gamertag=BXchiefAno

Other Accounts

  • etc www.twitter.com/bxchiefano
  • etc www.instagram.com/bxchiefano