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Newbie Tips for WB.

I'm not great by any means, but I've picked up a few things by searching and asking. Since I see a lot of the same questions I had, I figured I'd share what I know. I'be probably got a free things wrong, feel free to (gently) correct me if I do and add any tidbits you've found.

So, World Bosses:

For Defense, Tanks > Healers > Debuff/Support > DPS. So all Attackers to bottom two rows (back row), everyone else can be in the front. World Boss CANNOT HIT back row if even one front row is alive, even Drives.

Key Childs: Maat & Leda heal all Allies; Mars shields all allies; Dana buffs all Allies Defense with her drive; Lisa boosts Attack for all Allies, and gives +8% Attack to entire team as Leader. Eve has the strongest Poison, but Danu or Elysion work too. Multi-hit Attackers proc poison the most, and putting poison-boosting Carta on poisoners maximizes each proc.

If your Attacker isn't Light element, shoot for multi-hits on Tap or Slide. Attacking "X enemies" is also multi-hit if there's one one target.

Best Crit gear on Maat & Leda, best Def armors and Def/Agl accessories/Carta on front row. Attackers that apply DoT or Debuffs also get Agl gear, otherwise Attackers get next best weapons and Crit gear.

Defense above about 5k starts to become redundant, so my best armor is on non-Tank frontline, so Mars & Maat (or Tanks/Healers) need only enough to get above 5k, the rest is probably just wasted.

GEAR. Get 5 star gear. Gear with 2 starts is ALWAYS better than one-stat. One free Gear summons daily all week, fight through Hard Underground daily if you aren't already. If the ONLY 5 STAR GEAR YOU HAVE is C-rank 'Chucks and Wetsuits, it's still night and day vs no gear or non-maxed 4 star Gear. Getting a few +15, even trash, is better than +0 Nothing, can help you collect better Gear, and once your Tanks and Healers get their Defense high, they're still useful.

- Top Weapons: Halberds, Scimitars, Brooms.
- Top Armor: Bikini, Maid Outfit, Wedding Dress.
- Lock Childs and Gear ASAP, unlock as you sort.
- Awakening makes a bigger difference than Skill upgrades.
- DoT ignores Defense, high HP gear for Attackers can be useful
- Matched-element blobbies give +10% EXP
- Fever damage ONLY cares about stats and Tap Skill Dmg. Increasing Slide or Auto has zero effect.
- Fever doesn't freeze time, and (seems to) take as long real time at 3x as at 1x speed, so slowing to 1x while you Fever gets a small Dmg boost.

DESTINY CHILD Jul 13, 2019, 10:23 AM
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One-time Childs should be guaranteed with work/effort

If you do every daily and event and burn all earned Crystal, one-time Childs should be a guaranteed goal.

Costumes and extra copies are fine being limited, but if you jump every hoop and get nothing, that sucks. Maybe modify the Mileage system during events or something.

Insane prices are bad enough, pathetic pull percentages worse, but those being the only guarantees is just insulting.

Just my opinion, though.

DESTINY CHILD Jun 20, 2019, 12:03 PM
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