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Can we get a notification like that for Moot as well pls?

Can we get a notification like that for Moot as well pls?
Moot Nov 5, 2020, 10:57 PM
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Moot Aesthetic Guide #1 - Links and Promotions


Hey everyone,
for today I thought I‘d share some ideas and tips on how to make your posts look better.
The first topic will be all about posts with links!


When you found a link you wanna share, your post draft will most likely look like this:

Make sure you find an interesting or fitting title and you‘re already done with step 1.


Of course you could already hit 'Done' and share your content, but the result would look very bare and unappealing. Let‘s change that!

What you wanna do is hit Enter/Return, wait ~5 seconds and hit Enter/Return again.
You‘ll notice your post will now look like this:


So what you basically did was you allowed the link to embed.
You can do this with any link out there and as a result viewers can see a preview of the page the link leads to.
For youtube videos the embeded version allows viewer to watch the video without actually having to press the link and load into youtube!

As a next step you can go ahead and remove the URL (the https link) as it is no longer needed:

And that‘s basically it! You can try it out an see for yourself. The result will look a lot more tidied and clean!

However before we end this I‘d still like to point out a thing!


The one thing not to do is be lazy and paste the link into the heading.

The link won‘t embed and can‘t even be clicked on! So the entire post is useless!

And that‘s about the wrap for this post!
Bear with me if you‘d like to see more aesthetic guides, for example for LFGs and Posts in general!

Until then,
happy mooting!

Moot Aesthetic Guide #1 - Links and Promotions +6
Moot Aug 13, 2020, 07:47 AM
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New Lounge Suggestion: Streetfighter V!

Hey everyone,

I feel like Moot is missing a huge opportunity without a Streetfighter lounge!
Let‘s all make a lounge request for Streetfighter to change that.


New Lounge Suggestion: Streetfighter V!
Moot Sep 3, 2018, 06:28 AM
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Offline games on Moot?

Hello fellow gamers,

I know Moot is meant to be a place to discuss online games and to find new teammates, however I feel like discussing „offline“
(singleplayer) games might also be fun in here.

I got this idea, when just recently I started playing The Witcher 3 once again. I never really finished the main storyline, as I always let go off it because I kind of get frustrated of things like boss fights and stuff.

My point is that although The Witcher 3 is an offline game, there are so many topics worth being discussed like for example tips for beginners, quests which give a good amount of gold, how to end this or that boss fight, which armor/weapon/equipment you should get from the beginning, etc.

And I‘m pretty sure that The Witcher 3 is only one of many singleplayer games which have a huge value in being discussed.

I really love discussing in here, so I thought about taking the discussion to a whole new level and talk about singleplayer games.

But what do you think? Would you like the idea?
Feel free to let me know.

Moot Jun 25, 2018, 06:18 AM
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Suggestion for a new Incubator Lounge: Planetside 2

I didn‘t play the game in a while, so I don‘t quite remember what the matchmaking looks like and if you are actually able to play with friends or join a squad but I really loved this game and I feel like Moot would be a perfect place to talk about the game, find mates to play with and discuss strategies and stuff.

Moot Jun 3, 2018, 03:05 AM
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