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Hello, I'm llamacarft, and welcome to my profile!
Fav anime:🗡️Demon Slayer
Fav food: 🍎food :V
Fav YT:🤣 Skeppy
Fav mooter:❤️ All of you (other than the disrespectful and racist ones)
Fav memes: 😂Funny ones
Hobbys:🎮 Anime, gaming, moot, and more!
Age: 📜14
Gender: ♂️male
✅ Off topic = life
👋Messages are always open!
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👪Family Friendly!
🎮I play a lot of Destiny 2 and geometry dash!
🌐Not a weeb? (A person who likes anime) I mainly post other content!

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  • https://moot.us/@llamacarft


  • idk where to install ;-; idk where to install ;-;
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Game Accounts

  • I have but no i'm never gonna... I have but no i'm never gonna...
  • The_Epic_Gamers (I think) The_Epic_Gamers (I think)
  • llamacarft (don't use it tho) llamacarft (don't use it tho)

Other Accounts

  • etc Discord (once I can use it again) - llamacarft#1414