Level 31
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User Name: Kai |[] REDACTED []|
IGN: Yoshihara John
Mission Codename: Hades

Heir to the Dynasty of the Path of the OGs

With a minimum iq of 162 his logic supercedes the average opponent by a mile. His ability to read and breakdown and copy every opponents' move is unparalleled.
Ironically his ability to imitate and perfect has never been imitated by someone else.
His combat skill are based on technicality and agility.

Parry 82
Dodge 91
Tank 69
Intelligence 94
Strength 31
Agility 73
Speed 47
Knowledge 60
Will 100
Pride 80

His pride is his downfall. When damaged, he becomes angered.
Lightweight and low muscle mass. But made up by agility and bone density.
Has a love in a far away land.
-Ali G

Discord: HAD3S DC#3359

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