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Allo! My name is Wes. You can call me Pete though, it doesn’t matter.

My DMs are open 24/7 and I check them hourly and if you ever need someone to talk to, that’d be me.

I am a proud member of DoubleM and the owner of the emotional support group SGMM, which you can join by DMing me.

SGMM is a group dedicated to helping people, and in return, helping the moot and discord community. We have members throughout moot and you’re bound to run into one sooner or later.

SGMM isn’t some sort of rinky-dink operation based on a whim, we are a team of people that can help you or anybody who needs it.

Our main goal? It used to be to erase toxicity, but now it’s to give help to those who need it. There’s far too many who need help but don’t get it.

If you are suicidal, depressed, or in need of support DM me (wesrpete#2871) or any other SGMM associate for helps.

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