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Hey! I see you have found me. Let me introduce myself:

Call me Fudge
I have a wonky schedule
Xbox player
Fully Asian
Private about my life...
Pro beatboxer from PrivateButter65
I am an r/madlad

♦️Rainbow Six Siege is my getaway:
Buck, Dokki, Hibana, and Lion Main⚔
Kapkan, Valk, Lesion, and Vigil main🛡
Plat Player👌
Good comms🔊
Playin since Black Ice❄
GGr Clan (Gamers Gone Reckless)🔫

🎮Destiny is my side hoe:
Warlock LL 955 Stormtrancer🔮
Hunter LL 946 Nightstalker♣️
Titan LL 950 Sunbreaker🧨
Playing since D1 launch🛷

🎨Creator of:
Known R6S Riddles (#nuggetriddles)
Community Questions (#communityquestions)
WYR for R6S (#wyr)
Siege Hypothetical (#r6Hypo.)
Have You Ever (#HYE)
How's Xur (#howsxur)
If you could (#IYC)

🎭Fav mooters:
@DisrmedDireWolf: been there since the start, got ur back bro.
@PrivateButter65: always forget ur European.
@JdogsFB422: Artyom we must defend cite!
@Bruttus: My twitch inspiration.

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