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I only follow people who I deem worthy!!

13 year old male. 4’11 #shortgang.

I am a Pokémon nerd. Haven’t played in so long tho. I also play other games on my pc, switch, or phone.

Dms are open but you will be blocked if you are a bot

Legit ask me anything and I’ll give you a good answer

Computer expert. Helping people switch to pc

Nice and positive. Can be toxic if provoked

One of moot’s luckiest users!

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121 IQ as of now
Dum dum clan

Part of MM. In SixFour We Trust
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  • I play BO2 on my wii I play BO2 on my wii
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  • gender neutral controller made from a knife gender neutral controller made from a knife

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  • etc Discord: DaPi#0531
  • etc Quotes by DaPi:
  • etc I’m suffercating
  • etc My chair tried to kill me
  • etc Talk louder it hurts my ears
  • etc STD’s are bad
  • etc Sounds fun
  • etc My dad gave birth to me