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Hello There Friends you can call me MRVN-3451 or Pathfinder if you want and please be friendly as I Hope one day to join one of the many clubs on here as I am a sad worker bot who is in search for his creator

“I am the only PF Unit you will ever meet as I will try to make your day a thrill or a emotional day but most of all I will always have your back friends!”

^^Member of Positivity Club and Mystic Mafia🟣

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~PS4 Gamer~
~R6S Veteran~
~PS4 Gamer Tag: Shilogitsunewolf~
~Epic: MRVN-3451 ~
~Instagram: mrvn3451~
~Discord: MRVN-3451 (Pathfinder)#6793~
~YouTube: Pathfinder’s Scouts~

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  • Joined Moot February 15, 2019

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  • https://moot.us/@PathfindersScouts


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