Level 14
3,870/4,000 2,067 0

Games: Siege, Bo4, and RDR2.

•Fuze and Frost main
•Casual or Ranked
•Idk who I play with
just be decent
•Love to flank the
Enemy 👌
•Just here to have fun

•Mainly play zombies
but I do play some multiplayer
•Love doing EE
•blackout is 👎
•hit up for EE and stuff

Hit me up on Discord or on Moot
To play

Discord: EE-One-D#2731

Xbox player
Ye ye🤠

Sign up date

  • Joined Moot January 10, 2019

My Moot URL

  • https://moot.us/@russiansenpaitv


  • Looks cool Looks cool
  • The big homo gay The big homo gay
  • MasterScythe465 MasterScythe465 Stats
  • MasterScythe465 MasterScythe465 Stats
  • Yuck a battle royal Yuck a battle royal

Game Accounts

  • MasterScythe465 MasterScythe465
  • Yucky it’s fortnite Yucky it’s fortnite
  • Not a pc gamer but is good Not a pc gamer but is good
  • Meh Meh
  • 👍 👍
  • 👍 👍

Other Accounts

  • etc Lol