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Hi Peoples!! If chyaa don't know already my name is ErikPlays43. I have been here for over a year and kept being here since! 😁

If you are already following me, thanks for being in my Young Ones Following Gang 👏👏 I really enjoy that.

Hy the Young One has made the banner and PFP.

If any of you guys need help or are new my direct messages are open always! I don't block anyone so I always see your messages! Also, you can contact elsewhere. Read below. 👍

Do you want to give me anonymous feedback or tell me something, without me knowing? Tell me something on my Tellonym: https://tellonym.me/erikrmrz43

You can get to know me by commenting on my posts.
I don't play with people asking, but when I post an LFG post feel free to join whenever. ✨

Team M8S, Jerkmate, and Me and The Boys Alliance

Thanks for reading!! Enjoy the rest of your day! ❤😊

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  • https://moot.us/@erikplays43


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  • etc Discord: ErikPlays43@0981
  • etc GMG HTLNE: TXT2 +1(213)377-3896
  • etc Email: moot.ep43@writeme.com
  • etc Reddit: u/erikplays43