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ragna: 4 fever cleo

i like to make a video every season of a decent parse run.
this time i went for cleo's crazy crits during fever, and since my bathory isn't developed at all i decided to try for 4 fevers with aria. my bikini lisa has NO uncaps, so that was a huuge struggle for healing
anyway i'm posting here to maybe show others how a run like this is done, and i hope this inspires others to try something outside of the box. getting to use different builds in ragna is the best part of this game i think

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finished maxing eli's skills and landed on a perfectly rounded power stat..
now i don't even want to level up the carta and ruin it

DESTINY CHILD Jul 20, 2019, 03:13 PM
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diablo is ok

i put a stupid amount of mats into her so i figured she could earn her keep by participating in wb, turns out she does a surprising amount of damage for a tank ._. the retaliation buff is pretty nice i guess.
so, tell me about a child you are using that had surprising output!

diablo is ok
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cursed lab

got this board halfway thru ragna. yes, another uncap for my powerhouse elizabeth!! you better believe i did all my lab runs and used all my lab coins everyday. i mean, you see all the time when people pull the top rewards in the first 15 pulls or so right?
fast forward to today, with ranga many days passed, and just to make it extra special, this is the final pull... :<

cursed lab
DESTINY CHILD Jun 12, 2019, 03:35 PM
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time to hunt some rats

yes it's another cheater callout post, but i wanted to make sure these super sneaky ones near the bottom of the board get caught.
even if you were lucky enough to have the meta team of high uncap pantheon, elizabeth, d.maat, etc. you still needed to play a very diligent run with proper taps and slides and a slice of crit luck to make 4mil damage. the ppl who made it on here legitimately really earned it, and i'd hate more than anything for the players at the 101st and 102nd spot to miss their rewards because of these rats. 😡😡
as for everyone else, hope you had a good ragna season ^^b

time to hunt some rats
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moamoa paradi[s]e

moamoa paradi[s]e
DESTINY CHILD May 28, 2019, 03:24 PM
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ragna twin crit tap build

i thought some ppl might be interested in seeing the popular crit tap build in action. it's a lot of fun ^^

DESTINY CHILD May 19, 2019, 01:56 PM
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this ragna, you NEED to try confuse!

EDIT!!!: it seems lv40 bosses are immune to confuse, so this only works on boss lv39 and below.. sorry to get your hopes up >n<
over the past few weeks i've seen ppl mentioning to get someone on your team that can apply the confuse debuff for ragna, and i didn't quite see why until i experienced it just now...
cleo can apply this buff to herself:
and if she's confused, she will apply it to one of your allies. this buff is insane because it lasts at least 30 seconds and the child who has it can crit DURING FEVER.
i did a run where elizabeth had the buff and she was tapping for 9500 dmg in fever.
pls give it a try for yourself! i personally recommend using melphomene, who is a crit buffer with confuse on her drive

this ragna, you NEED to try confuse! +1
DESTINY CHILD May 17, 2019, 02:07 PM
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clarification on event rewards?

it seems the patch notes are more vague than they should be at times ^^; the outrage is understandable (i'm not a fan of pickup summon rates either) but it is also all based on speculation at the moment from the very limited info we were given.
could the dev team clarify if there are collab child rewards from the narrative dungeon rewards and demon fiesta? all of the collabs in the past had ways to get 1 guaranteed child of each of the collab childs. i want to say this split banner seems to corroborate this design, otherwise it would be far too strict for obtaining limited edition childs. global wouldn't do that...

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when your prayers are misheard

rolling hard for guardian chang'e and rng delivers ...ugh

when your prayers are misheard
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good lord

had i known it would be this much i wouldn't have bought so many evo gems ._.

good lord
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tanker tea party by sinsin

pixiv caption says it's funded by master
artist twitter: https://twitter.com/Sinsin719

tanker tea party by sinsin
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when you're a support main but you wanna get some hits in

when you're a support main but you wanna get some hits in
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friend coin summon

will global ever see the feature to spend 1000 friend coins for 10x friend coin summons?
i played JP a long time ago and i seem to recall that being a thing, but maybe an active JP/KR player can confirm it.
i know it's a super minor quality of life improvement but my coins have piled up and it takes awhile to get through them all ><''
do you guys spend your friend coins right away?
or hoard them up for a rainy day?

DESTINY CHILD Jan 30, 2019, 03:30 PM
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