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Top 5 Tips for Beginners by LFthicc

Tip #1. Rerolling your account: Aim for fire Blavatsky, forest Heide, or any servant that deals damage based on enemy's max HP. The reason for this is that these servants will help you farm the higher stages of omen/heid dungeon for higher tier gears. Good gears are crucial to boosting your gameplay in all contents. Fire blavatsky's passive skill will increase its ult skill gauge and a support's ult skill gauge whenever your tank is being hit. This will speed up the timing of your dungeon gears effectively. Forest Heide deals damage based on enemy's max hp. All dungeon bosses have high hp so this will let you deal high damage in your favor. Forest Heide's team passive also gives a huge boost in your team's HP for tower content. If you can't roll the 2 above servants, just taking some time to looking into the description of the servant's skills will help you decide the servant that is right for you, but my advice for new beginners is first try to farm better gears. This will help you clear content faster.
Tip #2. Fodder farming: In explore mode you will eventually come across RGB (red,green,blue) stages that have an "exp" sign on the larger tile. Clearing these stages on the "exp tile" effectively gives more experience to all your servants on the team regardless if they died or not while clearing the stage. Choose the highest stage lvl large exp tile you can clear while paying attention to the reward it gives. Make sure the reward includes 3-star fodders which you will need to farm in order to evolve servants on your main team. This is pretty much knocking out 2 birds with 1 stone, thus boosting your gameplay. Also pay attention to the elemental type of the stage you're farming on. Pick the elemental stage that your main damage dealer servant is strong against. For example, fire beats forest, forest beats water, and water beats fire. As for what gears your main damage dealer should have, we will move on to tip #3.
Tip #3. Gears on your damage dealer for farming: Firstly, we need to look at the type of dps (damage per second) servant that you have. Does the servant deals damage based on attack stat, defense stat, speed stat, enemy's max hp, or ignore defense? If attack stat, you will build your runes with beast gear set (+35% attack boost) and blade set (+12% crit boost). Main stats on gloves should be speed, crit%/crit damage on helmet, and attack% on shoes. Substats should optimally have attack%, crit%/crit damage, and speed. Speed stats are necessary for speed clears. It's best to clear the stage under 25 seconds on repeat mode and even better if you can do it under 20 seconds/clear. Moving on to defense-stat based damage-type servant, build your servant with 3 iron gear sets with main stats of defense% on gloves and shoes, but speed on gloves if you want speed clears. Again, main stat of crit%/crit damage on helment. It's best if you can get at least 70% crit chance overall on your gears for more consistent crit damage. If not, having crit% as the main stat on your helmet will help out alot. Substats should prioritize defense mainly and then crit%/crit damage. Moving on to enemy's max hp damage-type servant, you can copy the gear sets for attack stat damage-type servant. Now moving on to speed stat damage-type servant, you absolutely must have speed main stats on gloves and prioritize speed for substats because your damage output scales off on speed effectively. Farm gears for eruption gear set (+25% speed) and blade (+15% crit). Lastly, the ignore-defense damage-type servant is pretty unique. Since this servant ignores enemy's defense, Heir of Light gameplay mechanics does not let the servant do crit damage. Otherwise, this is pretty much double-dipping and OP, so build the servant with attack main stats on all gears (gloves,helmet,shoes). Again, beast gear set and blade gear set like the attack-type servant. Prioritize attack% on substats and next is speed. We will move on team-setup for fodder farming in tip #4.
Tip #4. Team-setup for easy fodder farming: Put your main damage dealer in slot I. Put your 3-star fodders in slots II,III, and IV. Click on "repeat battle"; it will open the "repeat battle" menu. Heir of Light developers gave this game a very nice "quality of life" feature which I haven't seen elsewhere on other mobile platforms. It's the "auto-replace" feature. Basically, it auto-select fodders in your inventory to replace your max-leveled servant fodders while on auto-repeat farming (based on your settings), wowzers! Ok, back to the "repeat battle" menu, make sure "auto-replace" is selected and click on "auto-replace settings". Check off 3-star for both current grade and origin grade servants. Check off RGB elements. Highlight slots II,III, and IV by clicking on them and hit "confirm". This will effectively allows you to only have 3-star fodders being auto-replaced with the max-leveled 3-star fodders during farming. Now back to the "repeat battle" menu, check off "only allow 6-star servants to use skills. This will make sure no other servant fodders is interrupting your farming by wasting time spamming skills and thus slowing down your stage clears. Check off "continue repeat battle even upon defeat". This "quality of life" feature will ensure continued auto-farming even if you fail to clear the stage and waste valor (hopefully not so). And lastly, check off "auto-sell gear" to make sure having maxed out inventory on gears will not interrupt your auto-farming. Now click on "start repeat battle" and enjoy eating popcorn while watching a movie or play other games if you choose to do so!
Tip #5. Light/dark servant farming: Do not get so hung up on farming for 4*-5* L/D servants. It's a long and tedious process and definitely not for beginners. If you look in the "craft menu", you will eventually realize you will need a total of 200 3-star L/D servants to even craft your first "L/D 4-5* summon stone" in which the game limits you to once/month. Focus on building your main team first to clear content and get on higher rankings for better rewards. Make sure to complete your dailies and check-in everyday. Heir of Light is very generous with their check-in rewards and consecutive check-ins. Once you eventually crafted your first 4-5* L/D summon stone, you will get at least a 4* if you're unlucky; 5* if you're super lucky since the rates are low. Save 4* L/D servants for fusion to attempt for origin 5* L/D servants. This is your ultimate goal of having a top tier servant. Don't like the origin 5* L/D servant you crafted? Save them for 5* fusion to get one final shot at a good origin 5* L/D servant. Alternatively, you can craft a "5* L/D select summon" stone in which you pick whichever L/D servant you so desire. The catch is that you will need to save a whopping EIGHT 5* L/D servants that you don't want in order to craft it. The RNG god must really hate you for this to happen. I do not recommend this method but it's kind of a last resort feature the HoL devs kindly implemented to save us from clutches of the RNG devils!
I hope you guys enjoy my top 5 tips for beginners!
- LFthicc
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