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Game suggestion!

I’d love to see Phasmaphobia get its own game lobby! That game is a blast to play.

Game suggestion!
Moot Jan 18, 2021, 04:13 PM
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Moot suggestions?

I was in moot long ago, to say things have changed since I was last on here- would be an understatement. I was wondering how I can suggest new game lobbies now, and also would like to suggest possibly making DM messages, selectable, so you can mass delete conversations. Thanks!

Moot Jan 15, 2021, 10:50 PM
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A dauntless incubator would be awesome. It’s a newer game but I think it will get a lot of hype. It’s the Fortnite of monster hunter.

Moot May 31, 2018, 08:51 AM
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Add ARK: Survival Evolved as a game hun option

Moot Feb 28, 2018, 04:26 AM
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The ability to delete comments that have been posted on one of your posts or on a comment you made.

Moot Feb 28, 2018, 04:20 AM
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More popularity

I came from a streamer/YouTuber that you sponsored name “NarcolepticNugget”. I’m glad you did or I never would have found this app. At present I only use the rainbow six tab but I do play other games and plan to expand. My only suggestions is that you should try to get more people to use the app. In the Pokémon section, I see posts from a month ago in the newer portion and that makes me sad. I know it costs money but it might be a worth investment to sponsor popular YouTubers for each game and maybe even make a commercial. 10/10 app. Keep up the good work!

Moot Feb 28, 2018, 04:05 AM
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