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You launch 3 new childs and a 3 week WB. Please release the Onyx and gold pack on the Shop. I have NO WAY LEFT of getting onyx and I have enough cores to ignite 3 childs to max just sitting there mocking me. I ask again, what is the point of me and other people who spend on this game to buy out the new childs on the shop, if there is no way to level them up or actually use them, your release of the gem pack as well (another source of onyx), does not make much sense, given that it is released after Pepe is released and towards the tail end of the WB.
I would also like to give my opinion that your "new year package" is the most horribly priced special event package i have ever seen in all the gachas i have played and spent money on. I was well prepared personally, excited even to spend and buy out the packs if they were priced at an actual attractive price such as $30 USD or cheaper. Now I may at most buy 1, I well believe this is the sentiment of others. There is little reason to buy it at all, whether you are a whale, a dolphin or low spender, the contents do not make any sense, when there is so much more bang for your buck elsewhere within the game. The general consensus on discord from others who were also prepared to spend money on the pack is that it is way too overpriced, and in fact, insultive even that you release this pack as a year end "deal". i am certainly not feeling the holiday spirit with this pack.
What is your marketing team doing, if they even exist, because this is not how you earn money. I feel odd that I the consumer have to say this to you, to advise you on how to better wring us dry of our cash, but quite frankly your marketing decisions continue to confuse and befuddle me that i feel obliged to point it out. It is no wonder then that your game performs so poorly in terms of revenue. I truly worry for the longevity of this game, a fantastic one that has been so generous to its fans.
Once again, the developers and the artists of the game continue to bring us quality product, and I thank them. But your marketing team, horrible, 0/5.

DESTINY CHILD Dec 30, 2021, 02:25 PM
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命運之子 Dec 27, 2021, 01:54 PM
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Hello Dev. Why are there no onyx and gold pack in shop??? How to level up child we buy from your pack??? you are DISCOURAGING us from spending money. Please examine if your marketing team is truly qualified for their roles. if you put onyx and gold pack in shop, boom theres 25 USD for you, not only from me but many others as well.
안녕하세요 개발자. 왜 오닉스와 골드 팩이 없는가??? 우리는 당신의 팩에서 구입 아이를 레벨업하는 방법??? 당신은 돈을 지출에서 우리를 낙담하고 있습니다. 마케팅 팀이 자신의 역할에 대한 진정한 자격을 갖춘지 검토하십시오. 오닉스와 골드 팩을 가게에 넣으면 붐이 25 USD로 나뿐만 아니라 다른 많은 사람들도 있습니다.

DESTINY CHILD Dec 27, 2021, 01:46 PM
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Devs please increase number of allowable purchases for Onyx and Gold pack

Will there be onyx and gold pack available for purchase in upcoming patch? it is not described in the store in patch notes, if it is not available for purchase please consider making it so, or it would be pointless for us to buy the new childs if we cannot skill them. Please also consider increasing the number of allowable purchases, 5 purchases is too low for us new player who have many childs to level up, how can we support your game if we have nothing to buy?
Thank you

DESTINY CHILD Dec 23, 2021, 12:20 AM
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