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NEW Best Way To Find Diamonds
Looking for the best Minecraft 1.18 diamond level? You’ll have to dig a little deeper to find this rare mineral, but it will be worth it when you strut into battle donning your sparkling war attire.
Minecraft diamonds are used to craft high tier and extremely durable items such as tools and armour, and can also be used to create an enchantment table. You can craft diamonds in Minecraft from a block of diamond or by mining a diamond ore. By using a block of diamond in the crafting grid, you’ll obtain nine diamonds.
You can craft a bunch of glam gear from diamonds in Minecraft, as well as trading diamonds with villagers at Minecraft villages. If you’re looking for diamonds out in the blocky wilds, instead of relying on loot chests, then you’ll either need to mine for them or search caves. Here’s where you’ll find diamonds in Minecraft, as well as everything you can create using this rare mineral.
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