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Author, in the future, I would recommend you to have a few variants of exchangers. It helps in some situations. Of course, you will have to spend some time searching, but it is worth it. Right now, one of the best online cryptocurrency exchange services is https://fast-change.net/ Also here you can both buy and exchange ETH.

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I think you should contact an organization that is engaged in the development and connection of contactless payments. Only they will be able to provide qualified assistance

Card emulation for contactless payments 2
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This document is quite common so I don't think you may have any difficulties. You could try going to a translation agency. K is like one of the right options.

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Try to find such services online. I know there are quite a few such specialists. You can go to private translators as well as to specialised companies.

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To begin with, not every translator specialises in this subject. Consequently, you need to focus on choosing the appropriate organizations for quality translations

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There are many options you can take advantage of. You can find a translator through private advertisements or you can contact a translation agency online

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It is a fairly common document that you can order from a private translator or from a company. But first you need to find out as much information as possible about the people you are planning to ask for this service.

Russian SP standards in English 2
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