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Hi, I think I messed it up

I am relatively new to this game (2 months I think), I have completed the story, I am moderately decent in terms of raids and such, but when it comes to which core of ignition to use, I am lost.
Do you think you could give me your opinion on what I have put in?
(I whould show you but for some reason i cant post images ):
->Lupin has a Amp. DEF. Core with Amplified, DEF, AGL, and ATK (All in red).
->Mafdet has Amp.AGL Core with Amplified, CRT, AGL, and ATK (also in red).
I think I screwed up, but before removing or uploading them I would like to know your opinion.
Thanks in advance

DESTINY CHILD Oct 12, 2021, 09:23 AM
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