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Hi, now it is not difficult to make such a letter and even a child can deal with it. I often use such emails because they look cool, I send them using this site https://stripo.email/blog/best-catchy-email-subject-lines/

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When creating a business, not even more, you need to take into account many factors and think through an action plan in advance, otherwise you can lose the money invested in the business and get nothing at the exit, you won't even get any experience. To create a plan, you can take the https://bizop.org/ article, which describes what should be done

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I think that the health tracking app should be used by every person. Nowadays, a majority of fitness tracking app use optical heart rate monitors. Weltory is a mobile app which helps its users to measure their heart rate variability at anytime and anywhere and that's what I use. So if you want to track deep heart monitoring, then I recommend at least reading this article https://www.peerbits.com/blog/fitness-tracking-app-development.html

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Listen, man, if you want to develop, then I would recommend you to use a different strategy, promote your site in a more effective way, for example, you can use traffic from https://accfarm.com/web-site-traffic what in the end will give you an increase in targeted users in the future

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Cryptocurrency is a kind of digital currency, accounting for internal units of account of which is provided by a decentralized payment system

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