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I like to play games as you know and i also like to comunicate like a team and i am here to help you with anything i will also be able to play games everyday i don't like trash talkers i don't mind a little cussing you have to be 13+ if you are younger and you want to play i'll try to make an acception and if you have any questions then you can go ahead and messege me other then that have a good day! I am also uknown age, i like anime, games, jjba short for JOJO BIZARRE ADVENTURE, I am a gentilmen and i like to do this thing wheni say gal for girls guys for guys and i like to say darling to anyong or buttercup if they want me to, I also like girls that like anime and wear a maid cloths and like the things i like it's weird i know but hey people are like that i'm also depressed so watch out.THE END

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