Level 13
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Shout-out to the devs for QoL improvements

Opening up the equipment enhancement screen so I can see more stored items. Being able to add more than 6 items at one time. Stuff like this may seem small in-game but it makes the player's experience WAY better. Thanks for making improvements like these to the core game mechanics, even when they're not big and flashy

DESTINY CHILD Sep 16, 2021, 01:18 AM
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Re:Birth Labyrinth lvl5+3

I can Auto 5+2 on 2x speed but I can't seem to Auto 5+3 consistently with this team. I'm winning 3-4 and losing 1-2 runs of 5+3. Any advice on who to swap out so I can full Auto 5+3 every day?

Re:Birth Labyrinth lvl5+3
DESTINY CHILD Aug 28, 2021, 01:32 AM
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Great pull on Clotho banner

I wish it was Clotho x3 but I'm not gonna complain about this pull

Great pull on Clotho banner
DESTINY CHILD Aug 5, 2021, 01:42 PM
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