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"Remember 1 thing. that thing is to not forget because if you forget you will never remember"
—E.G. Cooper

“When writing the story of your life, don’t let anyone else hold the pen.” – Drake

“Life can always change, you have to adjust.” – Drake

"I think you're an agent of change, I think you're touchin' in a way this generation that very few, if no one else, can" — Juice WRLD

I'm 16

🎉My Birthday is April 8th🎉

🎮I love to play games and I'm looking for chill gamers to play with🎮

I am always looking for new moot users contact me if you know someone they can be in between 0 and 30 followers

hi how are you

the twitch is my friends go check him out

my pfp is made by http://moot.us/@velocity
if you want one just dm him

كيني ، إله الإبل ، سوف يسرق دماء تضحيته ، إذا أعاقه مستقبل كرونوس ، فسوف يزيل صلاحه ويطلق العنان لجحيم الهاوية

join my band

part of the prestige clan

if you see this have a nice day

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  • https://moot.us/@Jabuu1234


  • Jabuu1234/Ranger Jabuu1234/Ranger
  • Jabuu1234 Jabuu1234
  • Jabuu1234 Jabuu1234

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  • thought of it thought of it
  • had a 360 had a 360
  • Jabuu1234 Jabuu1234
  • Dont have a pc Dont have a pc
  • what is this? what is this?
  • Jabuu1234 Jabuu1234
  • Never heard of it Never heard of it
  • Tired of the ads for it Tired of the ads for it

Other Accounts

  • etc I also play rouge company my accounts are
  • etc Freddy K. and jabuu
  • etc I have another fortnite account that I play on
  • etc not to often but it is hedgehoghair22