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I am a lonely sum what gamer I'm cinda good at games I play fortnight and minecraft and Rainbow six and pugmobial and I'm 11 years old my birthday is November 24.I'm depressed. I have a cat so if I play bad that's why my cats name is panther and I have a mic on fortnight pugmobial and that's about me.I am part of the fissey squad. I'm supper nice I don't hurt people feelings and personalities and not mean ro toxic. I don't have much friends either too. I am also on a archer show on tv in Spain. I have a six pack I workout a lot for a 11 year old boy. I like making friends. I love wood working I made two pens and four bird houses and the are all good. I love dirtbiking off rode. I like giteing cuts and scrapes. I can do a Willie on a dirtbike and a donut on a quad. I can gump on my pedal bike.

Single =(

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