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In addition to the max hit strategy suggested by ItsKessler, another more brute-force option for clearing Omens 16 is to remember that the damage the boss deals with its large attack is based off of the defense of your tank. By utilizing decent 6 star, or any crafted 7 star, gear and gearing your tank in all defense gear, you are able to mitigate the damage to a manageable level.

For Heide 16, I and many of my guild mates have found luck utilizing 2 DPS (1 often a defense-ignore, paired with a max critter of any type, though a max HP seems to work especially well), with each designed to handle their respective phases. And finally, for both dungeons, read all the skills, for all phases, even the towers. It helps immensely.

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PID: 100151510069
Name: Drakenfyre
Server: US

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PID 10015151069
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