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An informative user, however, that doesn't mean he's unsociable. So, don't hesitate to DM me, also, despising me doesn't work, literally.

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Discord: ZeriusAruuu#1102
Twitter: [CENSORED]
Wattpad: @GodIdlethePrimal
YouTube: GodIdlethePrimal Gamer and Bored
Guardian Tales: Zerius123

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Hobbies: Anime, Games, Writing, Reading, Learning and music.
Things to remain censored: IRL location, Name, etc.
Personality: Advocate
Gender: Male
Age: 15+
Sexuality: [CENSORED]
Ethnicity: Aussie
Continent: Australia
Likes: Drinks, Reading, Helping, etc.
Dislikes: People who're toxic all the time.

A majority of my posts will relate to education, opinionated thoughts and unbiased perspectives to ensure a respectful status while all the more providing something that everyone will read.

My sincere gratitude to thee who reads my posts for it is similar to a blessing!

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