Level 12
2,896/3,000 1,247 7

Hit 50M

I made some changes on my team, and was able to hit 50M
Before I was averaging 27M~30M. With good runs on 40M, and a bad run 17M
Now I am averaging 37M~42M. With a good run on 50M, and a bad run on 27M
Biggest change was ignited light Sweet Sytry and Werewolf (4 red star).
With Sytry giving barrier to lowest hp, I was able to take out Water Mars and put chang`e (Slide only) for Skill Charge + cooldown for highest attaker.
Sytry + werewolf half ignited helps a lot!
And now I am broke, I have only 8137 onyx.

Hit 50M +3
DESTINY CHILD May 16, 2021, 02:03 PM
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Guess I got Lucky

First time I get this far on banners. Usually I got the 5* in 4 multis.

Well, the pity system is great!
In 15 multi I spent 40500 crystals, got back 6750 crystals back + davi + spa.
I am pretty sad for spending this much crystal, but I can recover it in 2 weeks
GL for everyone

Guess I got Lucky +1
DESTINY CHILD Sep 30, 2020, 02:04 AM
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