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I make family friendly youtube videos, and I stream on twitch I'm on here because I wanna grow a biggerfanbase so that I can be entertaining other people. I have my socials linked to my profile and if you stop by please hit that follow button on all of them so that I can get somewhere I wanna be it would be greatly appriciated if you shared it among friends and family as well. I would love to go from zero to here and be seen as not just an ordinary player but someone whos got much potential to go far in this world. Lets make my career a reality instead of just a dream. I would also love it if you stuck around to see how far I get in my streaming career.

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  • Joined Moot July 29, 2020

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  • https://moot.us/@DewyDew


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  • DewyDewTTV DewyDewTTV
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  • etc https://discord.gg/MEmZUV6
  • etc https://www.instagram.com/dewydew__/