Level 3
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Elemental Ruin UI error

Went to next round but game told me is timeout. Though team is still battling in the background of timeout pop up.

Elemental Ruin UI error
Taming Master Aug 7, 2020, 02:54 PM
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Feature suggestion "colosseum"

Hi Studio LB,
was thinking how about a colosseum feature.
Draft idea is a daily base 10 battle or more. Every time you win the next opponent gets stronger. As reward, it be up to your side to decide but if can add some crystal or arena points that be a nice welcome thing.
Currently you don't see much of other player or their team composition, except meet them randomly in arena. When u win, you receive some points and when you lose, bye bye points. But with colosseum you can get to fight them without the losing point side and also same time learn a bit about other teams and your team. Is not a 100% but at least it gives one the image of knowing where you are currently on the server.
Not sure how much it affect the actual server data but it doesn't require new environment or new ui or such, just take the arena. Divide the ui into arena and colosseum works there. For backend, is based on the ranking list. Surely taking the top 10 would be a failure itself, since we need to consider new player and ongoing ones too. But taking out 10 from top to bottom ranking is not a big issue.
As for the top one, yeah maybe he should just beat himself but that team has an extra 50% buff or so. It would be funny to see but not democratic. So top one gets to battle IAN, the taming master. Same rule applies for everyone, you can't battle yourself.
If the idea is considered, much thanks in advance.<br />Otherwise cheers and thanks for reading.

Taming Master Jul 19, 2020, 02:52 AM
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App crashes

Hi there.
This issue happens a lot. When i return from explore or forbidden area to town and the next i go back to explore. App crashes. Is due the loading of data or idk the reason but it crashes most of the time. If i am lucky it won't crashes but is 100% the time after i go explore.
As an example. Use food buff. Go explore. Buff time run out. Go back town. Renew buff. Go back explore. App crashed. No message pop up. It just closed app and shut shut down. I cannot provide a screenshot because it make no sense to send a pic of game and a pic of my phone home menu.

It doesn't really matter if i use wifi or 3G. It happens all the time. I use an iphone incase your side needs to locate which platform.

Taming Master Jun 29, 2020, 12:43 PM
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Daily Dungeon Error

I don't know the circumstances for this to appear but once a while i cannot do daily dungeon. Either while loading or after loading or when battle start. You be transferred to title screen.
Try daily again and again. Still same. Close app and reload. Still same. Tried 3G and wifi. Still same message and issue. Only for daily dungeon. Now where else atm.

It happens irregularly. comes silently and stays for that day.
This issue is known to happened to some others too. While others never had it occurs.
Please look into this and check what is the problem. Thanks

Daily Dungeon Error
Taming Master May 27, 2020, 04:43 PM
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Past Evolution Error

Tried to evo but was disconnected right after evolution step. [lucky is a black horse even when it took me quite long to catch one]
Reload and pet now has no skills. Cannot change and cannot dismantle or even sell or swap skill. It will display one of the following error state [1001/2001/2006] if i do so.
The process was disrupted but game has no option to validate after such case or be able to change skill like notification asked me to do.
Please look into issue. Thanks

Past Evolution Error
Taming Master May 25, 2020, 10:40 PM
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