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~i have depression and im emotional🙃so be nice pls~
~SUICIDE IS BAD https://moot.us/lounges/110/boards/25/posts/4543877/don-t-suicide-never-ever-do-it-people-will-miss-yo ~
~face reveal https://moot.us/lounges/110/boards/25/posts/4554267/im-doing-a-second-face-reveal-since-the-first-one ~
~just remember this https://moot.us/lounges/110/boards/25/posts/4821372/everyone-look-at-this-post-rn ~
~(fake)mommy http://moot.us/@RaeRae ~
~best moot mod http://moot.us/@Noels-Rose ~
~2 best moot mod http://moot.us/@ObliviousRex ~
~ i make gacha characters if you cant tell~
~i catch feelings quickly~
~single ducky 🐤~
~ https://moot.us/lounges/110/boards/25/posts/4858059/bio-post-in-progress ~
~people i love more than a friend~
~tylerrr 999~
~typical gaymer~
~Prîncess Chløe~
~princess zetta~
~e.girl cryptø~
~leafy girl~

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